‘Hamster and Gretel’ Trailer Teases a New Animated Superhero Series!! Check It Out!!

Disney released the first trailer of Hamster and Gretel, the upcoming superhero animated series. It follows Gretel, a young girl who was bestowed with superpowers from space aliens, along with her pet hamster named Hamster. Originally, her brother Kevin was supposed to recieve the powers, rather than Hamster, but things went awry, as these things often do. Now, Gretel and Hamster must fight to protect the city while Kevin does his best to figure out how to work alongside them.

The minute-long clip introduces fans to a bewildered Kevin and an army of robots. However, Gretel shows him she got the ‘robot punch’ which is ‘stronger than the army of robots’, and also her ‘wall punch’ and speed ‘faster than lightning from supercharged cowboy’ among other superpowers. She’s accompanied by her pet hamster, Hamster, in the adventures all the while Kevin keeps wondering, ‘what can I do?’ The series looks promising and extremely fun.

Starring in Hamster and Gretel is newcomer Meli Povenmire as Gretel, along with Michael Cimino as her older brother, Kevin, SNL’s Beck Bennett as Gretel’s pet hamster, Hamster. The series also features Kissing Booth star Joey King as her tech-savvy cousin, Fred, Matt Jones as the siblings’ easygoing father, Dave, and Carolina Ravassa as their charismatic mother, Carolina.

Joining the cast as recurring characters are Stranger Things actor Priah Ferguson as Gretel’s best friend, Bailey, Liza Koshy as news reporter Veronica Hill, Alyson Stoner and Brock Powell as the evil sibling duo Lauren and Lyle a.k.a The Destructress and FistPuncher, respectively along with viral rap sensation Akintoye as Kevin’s confident buddy, Anthony. Guest stars include Jenny Lorenzo as Carolina’s mother, Abuelita, legendary Latin pop star Karina La Voz as the tear-jerking La Cebolla. YouTube star Thomas Sanders as frat guy horse-man Neighslayer, TikTok star Casey Hamilton as Gretel’s mild-mannered substitute teacher, Mr. Chabner, and Adam Rose as evil jingle writer The Earworm.

The animated series is created by Emmy Award-winning global hit series Phineas and Ferb’s Dan Povenmire and is inspired by his relationship with his significantly younger sister. Hamster and Gretel is produced by Disney Television Animation while Brandi Young serves as producer. Furthermore, Joanna Hausmann will serve as co-producer, and story editor, along with Dorothea Gerassimova as the art director.

Hamster and Gretel is set to premiere on August 12 on Disney Channel. Meanwhile, check out the new trailer below:


via Collider

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