‘Gray’: Rupert Everett Joins Spy Thriller Series!!

One of Rupert Everett‘s next roles will be in a spy thriller series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Everett has been cast in the upcoming series Gray. Everett‘s previous work includes 2021’s Warning (directed by Agata Alexander), She Will (directed by Charlotte Colbert), and 2019’s Muse (directed by Candida Brady). Wendy Crewson and Shawn Doyle will also star in the series.

Crewson‘s previous work includes 2020’s The Kid Detective (directed by Evan Morgan), 2019’s From the Vine (directed by Sean Cisterna), and 2017’s Kodachrome (directed by Mark Raso). Doyle‘s previous work includes this year’s The Last Mark (directed by Reem Morsi), 2013’s The Returned (directed by Manuel Carballo), and 2010’s Grown Up Movie Star (directed by Adriana Maggs). The characters that they will be playing have not yet been announced. Joining them in the series will be Tim Rozon, Jamal Grant, and Benjamin Sutherland. Patricia Clarkson and Lydia West were previously announced to also star in the series. Clarkson will also be an executive producer.

The series will follow Cornelia Gray (played by Clarkson). Gray is a CIA spy who has been hiding for the past 20 years, after being suspected as a traitor. However, once she returns to her old life, it is discovered that her spy network now has a new mole. The series will consist of eight episodes.

Gray will be directed by Ruba Nadda. Nadda‘s previous directing work includes 2014’s October Gale, 2012’s Inescapable, and 2009’s Cairo Time. John McLaughlin wrote the series. McLaughlin previously writing work includes 2012’s Hitchcock (directed by Sacha Gervasi) and 2010’s Black Swan (directed by Darren Aronofsky).

Gray is based on an idea from author David Baldacci. Baldacci‘s books include this year’s The 6:20 Man, the Aloysis Archer series, and the Atlee Pine series. Nadda, McLaughlin, and Baldacci will be executive producers. AGC, Lionsgate Television, and Night Train Media will produce the series.

AGC‘s Stuart Ford and Lourdes Diaz, Lionsgate‘s Agapy Kapouranisand and Elliott Brannon, and Night Train Media‘s Herbert L. Kloiber will be executive producers. Marc Shmuger will also be an executive producer for the series. AGC Studios will distribute Gray in the United States. Lionsgate Television will distribute the series internationally. Gray is currently being filmed in Toronto.

No official premiere date has been announced for Gray. In the meantime, fan can see Everett‘s previous work in last year’s film Warning, which is currently available to stream on the Roku Channel.


via Collider

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