‘Harley Quinn’ Season 3 Gets a Poster!! Check It Out!!

July is another huge month for comic book properties. One of the more exciting shows in the genre returning is Harley Quinn which is coming back for its third season on July 28. We recently got our first teaser trailer for the popular hard R animated series, and now we have a new poster that further teases Harley and Ivy’s “Eat. Bang! Kill Tour”.

The new poster was shared via the series’ various social media pages with the colorful image seeing Kaley Cuoco’s Harley and Lake Bell’s Ivy high-flying on a tree swing. Ivy is wearing a very eye-popping pink floral dress and the plant-centric villain has a matching headpiece to go with it. Ron Funches’ King Shark is pushing our new couple on the swing and, even though we are deep in a forest, our other fan favorite characters like Alan Tudyk’s Clayface, Jame Adomian’s Bane, Diedrich Bader’s Batman, and Chris Meloni’s Commissioner Gordon are taking in the fun as well. On top of that, J.B. Smoove’s Frank the Plant can be seen enjoying life hilariously smoking besides Harley and Ivy. The tagline of the poster, “Bad is in Full Swing”, also perfectly tops off the joy-filled image.

Season 3 will finally see Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy as a couple after two seasons of teasing fans. From the trailer, we’re definitely going through the honeymoon phase of the pair’s new romantic relationship while the series introduces exciting new elements like Amanda Waller(with possibly The Suicide Squad in tow), The Court of Owls, and the animated debut of director James Gunn. The best part of this series besides the ultra violent blood-soaked animation and vulgar writing, which Season 3 is gleefully continuing, has been the amazing character dynamics. Whether it has been Harley and Ivy’s relationship, King Shark and Clayface’s hilarious personalities, or Batman and a rundown Gordon’s oddball interactions, Harley Quinn’s writing has been its biggest strength. It has struck the right balance between brilliantly crude humor and genuinely heartfelt moments.

Beyond the satisfyingly insane gore, the first two seasons have been a surprising bubbly sweet story about long-lasting friendships.

Image via HBO Max

That’s what makes this new poster so great. It reminds fans how much we love these characters while also showing how much these goofball villains love each other. You can almost hear this poster, that’s how memorable this interpretation of these iconic characters have been. Again, whether it’s Bane’s voice which hilariously parodies Tom Hardy’s performance in The Dark Knight Rises or King Shark’s uniquely charming demeanor, this ensemble is legendary at this point. Harley Quinn has simply been one of the best must watch series around, let alone one of the best animated series on the market. These endlessly hilarious characters are a huge reason why

Harley Quinn Season 3 is debuting its first two episodes at San Diego Comic-Con before premiering on HBO Max on July 28. Until then, you can view the new poster on Instagram before catching up on Harley Quinn’s first two seasons which is streaming on HBO Max now.


via Collider

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