‘Legion of Super-Heroes’: Writer Brian Bendis Gives Update on DC Series!!

Writer Brian Bendis gave an update on his Legion of Super-Heroes adult animated adaptation, teasing that he has been working with HBO Max to approve the script on the pilot of the series. On his personal Instagram account, Bendis shared a picture of the pilot script, revealing that he delivered the episode’s third draft to HBO Max producers.

Bendis first revealed he was working on an animated adaptation of Legion of Super-Heroes for HBO Max last December. At the time, the writer promised fans the upcoming series would tackle classic stories from the beloved comics, but so far we don’t know much about the show’s plot. And while Bendis had warned us the series was in its earliest stages of development, we’ve been dying to know if HBO Max would greenlight or not such an ambitious project. According to Bendis‘ new post, he has been working hard to make the show a reality.

While the cover for the Legion of Super-Heroes pilot doesn’t reveal much, it makes it clear that Bendis delivered the second draft for the episode on April 22. Unfortunately, that was still not a version HBO Max felt it could back up with a series order, leading Bendis to deliver the third draft this week, on July 5. In the post, Bendis also used the “#fingercrossed” hashtag, a clear indication he’s hoping the third draft for the pilot will finally convince HBO Max to let him make his Legion of Super-Heroes adult animated show. Hopefully, the latest rewrites will be enough, because we definitely need more Legion in our lives.

Created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino for 1958’s Adventure Comics #247, the Legion of Super-Heroes is a DC superteam living in the 30th and 31st centuries. In the comic books, the Legion represents the natural progression of the Justice League, featuring multiple heroes who are descendants of the meta-humans from the present time. Although the Legion protects its own corner of History, the team frequently crosses paths with the Justice League in multiple time-traveling adventures. Some stories even credit the Legion for training Superman in his youth before sending him back in time to protect Earth.

A new Legion of Super-Heroes comic book series written by Bendis and drawn by Ryan Sook debuted in November 2019 to great critical acclaim. So, it’s easy to understand why fans are excited about the idea that Bendis will also take care of the adult animated show.

There’s no release window for Bendi’s Legion of Super-Heroes adult animated show. Check out the writer’s original post below.

via Collider

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