‘Vengeance’: B.J. Novak’s Directorial Debut Gets a New Poster!! Check It Out!!

B.J. Novak is keeping the themed posters coming for his directorial debut, Vengeance. Just days after the film’s star and director dropped a poster, revealing all the film’s key players in a theme that leans into its Western vibes, he’s at it again, driving the point home perhaps even more so.

The feature centers on a New Yorker named Ben Manalowitz (Novak) who’s trying to get his journalism career off the ground and is in search of a topic intriguing enough to bring in loads of listeners to his podcast. After a woman he was casually involved with ends up dead, Manalowitz sees his window of opportunity and heads to West Texas to do some investigating. When he arrives, he finds a tight-knit community, with some members ready to blab about the rumors they’ve heard, and others eyeing up the outsider and keeping their mouths shut. Full of snark, the podcaster doesn’t take things seriously at first and mocks the small-town vibe, but soon finds himself knee-deep in an incredibly dangerous situation as he peels back the layers surrounding his acquaintance’s death.

The new poster for the dark comedy sees its main character walking unknowingly into a trap. Designed in the same faded, grainy colors as the first poster, Manalowitz stands with his head down, in an investigative look. Meanwhile, above and ready to engulf him, is a giant cowboy hat, propped up by a stick with stones at the base. The bottom of the stick is wrapped with a rope that drops down to the bottom of the poster, disappearing somewhere off the page and alluding to an unseen person preparing to trap the protagonist in their snare. Surrounding the chunk of road that the journalist is standing on are scenes of Saguaro cacti and mountains with the road itself disintegrating under his feet. Above, the words, “find the story before it finds you” are written, alluding to the cat and mouse game that will soon play out when the movie lands in theaters.

Along with Novak, Vengeance stars Issa Rae, Ashton Kutcher, Dove Cameron, Boyd Holbrook, J. Smith Cameron, and Lio Tipton. Novak also wrote the screenplay, leaving his creative vision all over the upcoming film. Horror masters, Blumhouse Productions are backing the movie alongside Focus Features, so you know it’s in good hands.

While many think of small towns as idyllic places where everyone knows everyone and you can leave your doors unlocked at night, Vengeance will shine a light on the darker side of “knowing” everyone around you.

Check out the poster and trailer down below and get ready to see where the story takes us when Vengeance hits theaters on July 29, 2022 — tickets are on sale now at Fandango.

vengeance poster bj novak


via Collider

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