‘Incoming’: Bobby Cannavale, Kaitlin Olson, and More Join Upcoming Comedy!!

With production for Dave Chernin and John Chernin’s upcoming film, Incoming, beginning in Los Angeles, the new set of cast members of the film have been announced via an exclusive from Deadline. The film will center on a group of teenage students as they experience the terror of their first attempt at going to a high school party.

Some new additions to the film’s cast include Bobby Cannavale, who previously won two Primetime Emmy Awards for his performances in Will & Grace and Boardwalk Empire, and Kaitlin Olson, known for her role in Flipped which earned her a Primetime Emmy nomination. Scott MacArthur (The Righteous Gemstones) also joins the film with Cannavale and Olson alongside Raphael Alejandro (Once Upon a Time).

Isabella Ferreira, fresh off of Love Victor, will also star in the film with Ali Gallo (Unhuman), Ramon Reed (13: The Musical), Loren Gray, and Bardia Seiri, who previously appeared in Grey’s Anatomy. Mason Thames (The Black Phone) was previously announced to star in the film. Details of the roles that the actors for the film will be playing remain a mystery, but more information will likely be revealed as production for Incoming nears completion.

The Chernin brothers will be helming the film in their directorial debut while also co-writing the script. The duo previously worked together as writers for the hit sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and also co-created the television series The Mick, both starring Olson. Incoming will be produced by Todd Garner, Peter Principato, and Ben Silverman of Artists Road alongside Mark Korshak, CEO of Artist Road. Other producers for the film include Nick Stoller and Conor Welch of Stoller Global Solutions Company. The film will be executive produced by Gary Barber, CEO and Chairman of Spyglass Entertain, Chris Stone, and Peter Oillataguerre. Noah Nusinow will be overseeing production of the upcoming film.

Specific plot details and characters of the upcoming film have not been revealed yet, but with the Chernin brothers working behind the camera in their first film together, alongside a cast of talented and award-winning actors, Incoming could be a fun and engaging film that brings audiences back to that time they were teenagers.

Since production for Incoming is still in its early stages, no release date for the film has been set yet.


via Collider

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