‘Betrayal’: Oscar-Winning Screenwriters Bobby Moresco and Nick Vallelonga Developing John Gotti Series!!

Legendary New York crime boss John Gotti will be the subject of a new series from a team of high-profile screenwriters. Deadline reports that Betrayal: John Gotti and the Fall of La Cosa Nostra is in the works with Oscar winners Bobby Moresco (Crash) and Nick Vallelonga (Green Book) attached alongside George Gallo (Midnight Run) and the son of the Teflon Don John Gotti Jr. It will be a limited series that retells the fall of the notorious crime boss.

Gotti headed the Gambino crime family in New York which itself was at the helm of the largest crime syndicate in the city. As the face and voice of the mob throughout the 80s and 90s, he became a legendary figure throughout the U.S. and a crime lord to rival Al Capone in infamy. Thanks to his flamboyant public persona and extravagant attire, he became known as the Dapper Don and later the Teflon Don as he got more involved in various criminal trials. Ultimately, he was taken down with cooperation from his former second-in-command Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano, leading to the fall of La Cosa Nostra, aka the American Mafia.

Gotti is no unknown figure on-screen with three separate movies surrounding him and the Gambino crime family. The most recent, 2018’s Gotti, starred John Travolta as the titular don, though the film was widely panned upon its release, becoming one of the few films to own a dreaded zero percent from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. Betrayal will cover Gotti’s historic takedown like past biographical films, but it’ll also put greater emphasis on his final days attempting to operate the Gambinos from prison in Marion, Illinois through communicating with his son. It’ll show how Gotti and his son differed on strategy and the arguments and consequences that emerged from Gotti Jr. giving orders on his father’s behalf Among other things, the series also looks to explore how the gangs of New York reacted to the fall of Gotti and the chaos that ensued.

Betrayal could be one of the deepest dives into Gotti’s life as it brings to light hundreds of transcripts and recordings of the crime boss that have never been made public. It also has Gotti Jr. on board as one of its four creators, adding the definitive first-hand witness to Gotti’s time running the Gambinos from prison. Gotti Jr. also executive produces the series alongside Moresco, Vallelonga, and Gallo.

Moresco and Vallelonga earned their Oscars for Crash and Green Book respectively, though both have a significant history on-screen. Moresco previously created the series The Black Donnellys back in 2007 as well as the Swedish drama 100 Code. He also wrote the James Marsden starrer 10th & Wolf. Vallelonga, meanwhile, wrote and directed Choker and The Corporate Ladder in the past, though he also has a number of acting credits to his name including a recent role in The Many Saints of Newark.

Gallo is best known for penning the excellent Midnight Run starring Robert De Niro, but he’s also responsible for kicking off the Will Smith, Martin Lawrence action comedy Bad Boys. The franchise currently has a fourth installment coming in spite of Smith‘s “slap heard round the world” which threatened to torpedo the project.

Betrayal will soon be presented to streamers and cable networks to find a potential buyer.


via Collider

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