‘The Last of Us’: HBO Series Will Explore Different Avenues from the Game!!

Fans have been waiting for an update on HBO’s The Last of Us, ever since it wrapped up production as the audience has by far only seen a glimpse of Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie. Dubbed the biggest production in Canadian history, the series is based on Naughty Dog’s massively popular video game with a dedicated fan base and had been long in making until HBO picked it up. Recently, Ramsey spoke to SheKnows about the tedious task of bringing the beloved story to life and how it’s going to explore “different avenues” from the games.

Released in 2013 The Last of Us game is set in a post-apocalyptical world where the US is ravaged by Cordyceps brain infection. It follows Joel, a smuggler who is tasked to escort a teenager Ellie out of a quarantine zone. Ellie is immune to the infection and can be helpful in creating a vaccine.

Speaking of the expectations that come with leading a well-known franchise, Ramsey said, “I think people are going to love [the adaptation]. I know there were people worried about it, of course. When something is so precious to you as a viewer — as a gamer — of course, you’re going to be worried about the adaptation. But honestly, I think people are going to love it.” She further spoke about the show’s narrative that follows a similar emotional arc as the games, however, the show will also see some new directions that will surprise even long-time fans. She said,

“It very much follows the emotional beats of the game, and it’s very respectful of the game and honors the game. But [the live-action series adaptation] brings a new life into it. It explores different avenues that weren’t explored so much in the game.”

Sony’s previous video game-based feature film Uncharted starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan had failed to make a mark with the audience. The movie grossed $401.7 million worldwide on a budget of $120 million and was widely criticized by fans. However, Ramsey believes that fans would like what they see when the show arrives, “I do think people are going to love it. I hope they do. It was so much fun to make, such an experience. I hope that [audiences] feel that experience too when they come on the adventure with us.”

Along with Pascal and Ramsey, the series also features Gabriel Luna as Tommy, Joel’s younger brother and a former soldier. The game’s original voice artists Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, and Jeffrey Pierce will also appear. The series is developed by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, and produced by Sony Pictures, PlayStation Productions, Naughty Dog, The Mighty Mint, and Word Games.

The Last of Us Season 1 is expected to debut in early 2023.


via Collider

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