‘Based on a True Story’: Kaley Cuoco Joins Peacock’s New Dark Comedy Series!!

It looks like Kaley Cuoco has some more dark and twisty turns in her future. So if you were left wanting more after the conclusion of Season 2 of HBO Max‘s thriller-comedy The Flight Attendant, get ready to strap yourself in for some more entertaining turbulence because Cuoco has just been cast in the new Peacock dark comedy series Based on a True Story.

Cuoco will play a married woman named Ava Bartlett in the series, though exact details regarding her role are being kept under wraps. The series Based on a True Story is, well, based on a true story, and will tell the story of a realtor, a plumber, and a faded tennis star who collide in some unexpected and explosive ways. The new series will explore America’s obsession with true crime, murder, and slow-closing toilet seats.

The new series will be a dark comedy thriller that pries at the darker obsessions of American culture. As our collective fixation on true crime seems to be hitting a fever pitch, Based on a True Story will take a seething and hilarious look at the darkest aspects of America: its fixation on all things salacious and ridiculous.

Cuoco is certain to fit into the story incredibly well. Though very little regarding her character has been revealed, Cuoco has shown herself in recent years to be more than capable of straddling the comedic and dramatic. In her role as Cassandra in The Flight Attendant, she managed to bring both levity and depth to a story that plunged into the depths of addiction and trauma, not an easy task. She is currently shooting the action-thriller Role Play.

Craig Rosenberg is set to write, showrun, and executive produce the series. Also serving as executive producers are Jason Bateman and Michael Costigan. Bateman, like Cuoco, has a certain proclivity for complex stories of crime and conspiracy. His turn as executive producer for the series is certainly a good sign, considering the success of his previous series, such as Ozark, on which he also served as an executive producer. Rosenberg, for his part, has worked on series ranging from Prime Video‘s The Boys, the 2000s blockbuster hit series LOST, and Preacher.

No release date for the series has yet been set and much of the plot has been kept under wraps, which really only adds to the air of mystery regarding the series and how, exactly, the slow-closing toilet seats fit into the big picture.


via Collider

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