‘The Sunshine Place’: Robert Downey Jr. to Produce New Cult Podcast Series!!

There is always excitement in trying something new most of the time, and for Robert Downey Jr. and his wife, Susan Downey, that change has come in the shape of a jaunt into the podcasting dimension, according to Deadline. The couple is moving off-screen and into the audio realm for this one, where Downey Jr. is set to executive produce the cult docuseries, The Sunshine Place.

The podcast is set to mark the first project of its kind to be handled by the entertainment company formed by Downey Jr. and Susan, Team Downey. The Sunshine Place is an investigative podcast series that is focused on Synanon, an experimental drug rehab facility and community located in Santa Monica, California. Led by its zealous founder Charles E. Diedrich, it would go on to morph into a dangerous and violent cult. The eight-part series will be produced by Team Downey and Candence13. Robert and Susan have released a statement regarding their participation in the project:

“While we were familiar with Synanon, it wasn’t until we heard the deeply personal stories that we could truly appreciate its epic rise and fall. We felt this was a strangely relevant and twisted cautionary tale that had to be told about the incredible lengths people will go to seek out answers and the more dangerous ones others will provide.”

The Sunshine Place tells the story of Synanon, from its opening in 1958, its rise in the early 60s and during its heyday over the next decade. There will be attention paid to its messianic founder Charles E. Dederich, the recollections of members, survivors and dedicated chroniclers will help tell the story.

Known as “the miracle on the beach,” Synanon was billed by its founder as having first the cure to heroin addiction, and subsequently he claimed he could cure all ills. A venture that began with a single house would grow to spread into many parts of the country. Despite thousands of followers and millions in assets, Dederich ended up destroying it all, along with the lives of many of his followers. Chris Corcoran, Chief Content Officer and Founding Partner, Cadence13 has spoken about how excited he is to work with the Downeys and his attraction to this story:

“This is a story we were immediately drawn to, and wanted to tell. It’s an honor to be able to tell incredible stories like this with such a great team in Susan, Robert, Emily, and Josh in collaboration with our brilliant C13Orginals creative team.”

Executive producing for Team Downey are Robert Downey Jr., Susan Downey, and Emily Barclay Ford. Others include Corcoran and Josh McLaughlin for Wink Pictures. The series is written, directed and produced by Perry Crowell, Zak Levitt, Ian Mandt and Bill Schultz. The Sunshine Place will be narrated by the daughter of a former Synanon leader Bill Crawford, Sari Crawford.

The Sunshine Place will premiere August 10 on major podcast platforms with two episodes. Subsequent episodes will drop every Wednesday till September 21.


via Collider

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