‘Hellraiser’: New Hulu Reboot Rated R for Strong Bloody Horror Violence!!

Surprising absolutely no one, Hulu‘s reimagination of Clive Barker‘s 1987 film, Hellraiser, has gotten an “R” rating due to its “strong bloody horror violence” and “graphic nudity.” Established horror director David Bruckner—who has helmed various horror films, including The Ritual, V/H/S, The Night House, and Southbound—also directed the upcoming feature film, starring Sense8‘s actress Jamie Clayton as the Hell Priest.

Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski wrote the upcoming horror reboot, with Barker serving as the film’s producer. And although Bruckner has explored a few different takes, Barker said in a statement that the new Hellraiser film paid homage to the original one. “This is a Hellraiser on a scale that I simply didn’t expect. David and his team are steeped in the story’s mythology, but what excites me is their desire to honor the original even as they revolutionize it for a new generation.”

Barker‘s classic film has gotten ten different franchises since its release in 1987, including Hellraiser: Deader, Hellraiser: Hellworld, Hellraiser: Revelations, and Hellraiser: Judgment. But Bruckner shared via SFX Magazine that his recent take on Pinhead and Cenobites will be nothing less of a “small reimagining.”

“We can’t say anything about it yet… But it is something that we are actively working towards, and it is a joy and a dream for a filmmaker like myself to dive into that world,” Bruckner said, adding that they are trying the best they can to stay true to the original film and that the 1987 version as well as Clive’s 1986 horror novel, The Hellbound Heart, is their “primary source of inspiration.”

The original Hellraiser chronicles a hell portal that was opened by accident, unleashing horrifying creatures from hell called Cenobites. The Cenobites include Pinhead, Chatterer, Butterball, and Open/Deep Throat, who have since started to bring terror to the lives of Larry (Andrew Robinson) and Julia (Clare Higgins).

Apart from Clayton, Grand Army‘s Odessa A’zion will star as Riley, with Brandon Flynn (13 Reasons Why), Adam Faison (Into the Dark: Midnight Kiss), Drew Starkey (The Devil All the Time), Selina Lo (Boss Level), Goran Višnjić (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Hiam Abbass (Blade Runner 2049), and Aoife Hinds (Derry Girls), in still undisclosed roles.

The new Hulu Original serves as the streaming platform’s latest reboot, following the debut of Prey, which took inspiration from John McTiernan‘s 1987 science fiction film, Predator. And while there are no scheduled release dates yet, fans are already expecting a blood-filled phenomenon, thanks to the latest “R” rating the upcoming film received.


via Collider

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