‘The Cleaning Lady’ Season 2: Chelsea Frei Join Fox Series in a Recurring Role!!

With the Season 2 premiere of The Cleaning Lady looming, Fox has begun unveiling new casting details for the acclaimed crime drama series. According to Deadline, the show has found a new recurring cast member in Chelsea Frei. Frei’s character Maya Campbell will be introduced to the show in Season 2, Episode 2.

Campbell will be making her entrance in the show’s second season as a character from FBI Special Agent Garrett Miller’s past. Campbell was once upon a time a regular hardworking lady who sought to pay off her student loans by picking up a menial job as a bartender in a Las Vegas bar. Unfortunately, she would come to find herself trapped in the maze of an FBI drug case when Agent Miller uses her as an informant for the case he’s tackling. However, their affair saw the end of their relationship and the said drug case. With Campbell returning to the picture, it remains to be seen how this will affect the show’s lead Thony, (Élodie Yung) a Cambodian doctor whose circumstance-induced job as a ‘cleaning lady’ for the mob brings her constantly under the radar of law enforcement.

In an interview with Collider in June about the upcoming Season 2, showrunner, Melissa Carter revealed that new characters from Arman’s past and Nadia’s past will be introduced to Thony “in a fresh, new way” and it seems that Frei‘s Campbell might just be one of those. Carter further revealed that “Thony will make new enemies and new allies, and come up against new foes.” It will be interesting to see which of that divide Campbell will fall into. Frei is the first of those new sets of characters revealed and judging by Carter’s words, more are apparently on the way.

Frei is fairly new to the acting scene having begun her career in 2018 with only a handful of TV roles to her name. She made her debut as a series regular, Jayne Tyler, in the streaming comedy series, Sideswiped. She then played reality TV personality Victoria Gotti in the biopic, Victoria Gotti: My Father’s Daughter. Her other credits include Jordan Peele‘s The Last O.G., and the ill-fated science fiction romance drama The Time Traveler’s Wife. Her longest run on the small screen came in the comedy series, The Moodys where she portrayed Bridget Moody. Frei booked her first lead role in While You Were Breeding an upcoming Freeform series where she will play Kacey, a lady in her 30s who has just become single for the first time in her adult life and decides to explore life beyond the fast-paced one she’s known her whole life in Los Angeles.

Frei will be joining other cast members of The Cleaning Lady including Adan Canto, Martha Millan, Jay Mohr, Liza Weil, and Shiva Negar. The show is created, written, and executive produced by Miranda Kwok. Other executive producers include Shay Mitchell, David Dean Portelli, Rose Marie Vega, and Paola Suarez. The production is a collaboration between Fox Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television.

Season 2 of The Cleaning Lady premieres on Fox on September 19 at 9 PM.


via Collider

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