‘Zombie Town’: Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase Join in R.L. Stine Adaptation!!

In what is sure to be the most shocking news of the day, Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase have joined the cast of an R.L. Stine adaptation. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the pair of original Saturday Night Live cast members will appear in the upcoming film Zombie Town. The film is being described as a “mystery teen romance.”

Zombie Town is based on the 2012 book by the same name by children’s horror icon Stine. It follows the story of 12-year-old Mike, who decides to go see a movie called Zombie Town with a friend. But the pair of kids get more than they bargained for when the zombies in the film leap out of the screen and into real life, turning their quiet town upside down. The nature and size of Aykroyd and Chase’s roles are being kept under wraps.

Oddly enough, with this casting, Zombie Town will be a big moment for the world of comedy. It will be the first time Aykroyd and Chase have been in a film together since the 1991 black comedy Nothing But Trouble. The pair were both original cast members on Saturday Night Live and quickly became household names with huge careers. Aykroyd is likely best known for starring in and writing iconic comedies like Ghostbusters and The Blues Brothers. Chase is equally well known for his performances in comedies like Caddyshack and the National Lampoon’s Vacation movies, as well as the hit comedy series Community.

Zombie Town is currently shooting in Ontario with stars Marlon Kazadi and Madi Monroe playing the two teens at the center of the story. The film’s cast will also include Ready or Not star Henry Czerny and Kids in the Hall stars Thompson and Bruce McCulloch. Zombie Town is being directed by The Nut Job director Peter Lepeniotis. The script was adapted from Stine’s book by the writing team of Jason Bourque, Lepeniotis, Michael Samonek, Michael Schwartz, and Dean Wilkinson. Zombie Town is being produced by Trimuse Entertainment, Toonz Media Group, Lookout Entertainment, and Viva Pictures. Additionally, Kim Coates is executive producing.

No release date has been given for Zombie Town, but it has been announced that it will first premiere in U.S. theaters and then become available for streaming on Hulu. Check out the official synopsis for the book below:

This used to be such a nice, quiet town. But that was before all the zombies. When twelve-year-old Mike and his friend, Karen, go to see a horror movie called Zombie Town, the last thing they expect is for the title characters to come down off the screen and chase them through the theater. And it’s not popcorn these hungry creatures want to chomp on—it’s human brains!

Now Mike and Karen frantically try to flee through the panicked streets of their hometown before shuffling bands of zombies turn every last citizen into a ravenous flesh-eater. But if Mike thinks he’ll be safe once he reaches his house and warns Mom and Dad, he’d better think again. When the zombies say it’s lunchtime, no home is safe! Zombie Town is R.L. Stine’s delightfully spooky take on the horror genre that’s infecting the world, bite by bite.


via Collider

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