‘Sleeping Dogs’: Russell Crowe to Lead Adam Cooper’s Directorial Debut!!

Gladiator fans will be delighted to learn that Russell Crowe has been cast in a new film. Variety has reported that Crowe has signed on to star in an upcoming crime-thriller, Sleeping Dogs, where he will be playing a retired detective reinvestigating an old case to discover the truth before it’s too late.

Sleeping Dogs is based on E.O. Chirovici’s 2017 novel “The Book of Mirrors.” The film will follow Crowe as Roy Freeman, a retired homicide detective who is “undergoing a cutting-edge Alzheimer’s treatment.” When a death row inmate Freeman helped lock away begins to claim innocence, Freeman begins to reexamine the circumstances around the case. With the help of his old parents, Freeman must fight to get back his memories and uncover the truth once and for all.

Crowe is an academy award-winning actor with an expansive career. He has done everything from historical epics like Gladiator to musicals like Les Misérables to dramas like A Beautiful Mind. Sleeping Dogs will also not be the actor’s first foray into the crime-thriller genre, he has previously starred in critically acclaimed crime films such as The Nice Guys and L.A. Confidential. Crowe can next be seen in the upcoming dramedy The Greatest Beer Run Ever, horror movie The Pope’s Exorcist, and thriller Poker Face.

Sleeping Dogs will be the directorial debut of Adam Cooper, who co-wrote the script with long-time writing partner Bill Collage. Cooper and Collage have had a long career of writing together, having written action movies like Assassin’s Creed, biblical epics like Ridley Scott’s Exodus: Gods and Kings, comedies like Accepted, and even the classic Olsen Twins movie New York Minute. About the casting of Crowe, Cooper gave a statement, saying:

“Our memory of the past is what gives us context for who we are. A character who is bereft in this capacity comes with a very complex kind of humanity — and there’s no one better at embodying complex characters than Russell Crowe.”

Cooper and Collage will be producing Sleeping Dogs alongside Mark Fasano and Pouya Shabazian for New Leaf Literary. Executive producers on the film will include Matthew Goldberg, Cliff Roberts, Arianne Fraser, Delphine Perrier, and Ford Corbett.

Filming on Sleeping Dogs is scheduled to begin in January 2023. Stay tuned to Collider for any future updates on this project and read the official synopsis below:

Crowe plays Roy Freeman, who is undergoing a cutting-edge Alzheimer’s treatment. He is forced to grapple with the impact of an investigation from his former life after a death row inmate that Freeman arrested 10 years prior starts to proclaim his innocence. Intrigued and fighting to regain his memory, Freeman enlists his former partner to help him revive the case and discover the truth. Together, they set off to unravel a tangled web of secrets, forcing Freeman to make some horrific discoveries.


via Collider

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