‘The Imperfects’: Netflix’s New Sci-Fi Series Gets a New Trailer!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has released a brand-new trailer for the sci-fi series The Imperfects, and it showcases a trio of special “guinea pigs” who will “bite back” against those who’ve threatened their humanity and will soon threaten others’.

The Imperfects was created, written, and executive produced by Shelley Eriksen and Dennis Heaton, the duo behind The Order, a supernatural Netflix series that got canceled after 2 seasons. The series follows a group of young adults who have been experimented upon without their consent. These experiments resulted in the youths acquiring special abilities and superpowers of monsters from popular and folk culture: a Banshee, a Chupacabra, and a Succubus.

Right off the bat, the trailer shows us the morally twisted Dr. Sarkov (Rhys Nicholson) curiously inspecting Juan (Iñaki Godoy) who’s experiencing visible strange complications in the aftermath of his experiments. He’s not the only one. In fact, all of Sarkov’s test subjects, namely the three twenty-something-year-olds Juan, Abbi (Rhianna Jagpal), and Tilda (Morgan Taylor Campbell) have been affected by “unfortunate side effects.” The trailer then goes on to briefly introduce each of them, showcasing snippets of their special powers, like the Banshee’s scream or the Succubus’ charming abilities. It becomes apparent that, even though they were made “guinea pigs” against their will, the three friends are not going to let nobody else walk all over them without fighting back.

Executive producing alongside Eriksen and Heaton are Chad Oakes and Michael Frislev for Nomadic Pictures, the production company behind the creative pair’s other series The Order. Other members of the cast include Italia Ricci, Kyra Zagorsky, and Celina Martin.

The Imperfects will consist of 10 episodes of about 1 hour each and will be coming to Netflix on September 8. Check out the trailer and synopsis below:

“The drama revolves around three twenty-somethings who, following an experimental gene therapy, are turned into monsters who band together to hunt down the scientist responsible and force him to make them human again. Dr. Sydney Burke, a brilliant scientist looking to fix her past mistakes, both professional and ethical, allies with Abbi, Juan and Tilda to track down the scientist responsible for their grim fates. Meanwhile, Dr. Alex Sarkov, a former child prodigy, refuses to let anyone or anything interfere with his goal of rewriting the human genome and ushering in the next stage of human evolution.”


via Collider

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