New Captain America and Black Panther Game Set During WWII Announced!! Check Out the Trailer!!

For the first day of 2022’s D23 Expo, fans were waiting with bated breath for the Marvel and Disney Games panel to unveil the exciting new lineup of games being released. The showcase highlighted a number of upcoming games, including Midnight Suns and Speedstorm, which allows fans to put the pedal to the metal as a select number of our favorite Disney characters. To round out the bill, we got a world premiere for the trailer of a currently-untitled project by Skydance and Amy Hennig which will allow players to take on Hydra as Captain America or Black Panther.

During the D23 Marvel and Disney Games panel, fans got a first look at a game that’s been teased since October 2021. While the game still hasn’t revealed its title, the trailer was epic, and opened with the signature Marvel intro, aged in sepia tones to the tune of Vera Lynn‘s “We’ll Meet Again.” With beautiful graphics it’s revealed that the game will take place during World War II, and at least parts of the game will take place in the streets of Paris, France. As the music begins to warp we see the iconic shield of Steve Rogers’ Captain America shield, slashed by the Black Panther’s vibranium claws.

What was known previously about the game is that it would be a narrative-driven storyline. In the one-minute clip we get a full shot of the Black Panther emerging from behind Captain America, and we know that the game will take place across “two worlds,” with “four heroes.” The words “king,” “captain,” “soldier,” and “spy” punctuate the screen, promising gameplay from both Captain America and Black Panther, as well as Howling Commandos’ Gabriel Jones and Wakandan Spy Network’s Nanali, who was reigning queen of Wakanda during WWII.

Skydance New Media is helmed by Hennig, who was Lead Writer for the award-winning game series Uncharted. With over 30 years in the game, so to speak, fans can expect big things from the Black Panther/Captain America team-up. In 2016 she earned a BAFTA award for her work with the industry and under her guidance the company has also announced a partnership with Lucasfilm Games within the Star Wars universe.

Stay tuned with Collider for even more reveals from 2022’s D23 Expo. Check out the brand-new trailer below:

via Collider

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