‘Tron: Identity’: New ‘Tron’ Game Announced at D23!! Check Out the Teaser!!

It has been quite some time since we’ve heard anything from the Tron franchise following the indefinite pause of Tron 3, but even though we may or may not get to see some version of the film one day, we’ll finally be able to revisit the world of Tron with Tron: Identity.

Announced during the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase, Tron: Identity opened the show with the briefest of brief teaser trailers. The teaser features the iconic data disk from the series that, as fans well know, functions as both a weapon and ID card of sorts for the “Programs” of the Grid. The disk loads up, a title card appears in the middle, and the thirty-second trailer concludes with an announcement that the game is currently targeting a 2023 release. We also know that the game is being developed by Bithell games, the maker of such titles as John Wick: Hex and Thomas was Alone

The announcement surely doesn’t give away much as to what kind of story or even gameplay we can expect from the project, but we also know, thanks to the games official description, the type of experience that Tron: Identity will offer. The description reads as follows:

“Something has been taken. Enter a new Grid and forge alliances via visual novel gameplay, uncovering truths through Identity Disk puzzles. Make critical decisions and plot your own course in a world without a creator.”

This description gives us a much better idea than what to expect. The emphasis on puzzles isn’t a huge surprise given the prior projects from Bithell games have all been very puzzle intensive. The visual novel aspect and promise that players will “make critical decisions” also seem to imply that this will still be an adventure where the narrative is the main focus and how the character treats certain characters and situations will impact the world and overarching story.

The story referenced here, while still quite vague, sounds intriguing since it apparently is taking place in a new Grid and not the ones we’ve seen already in the original Tron (1982) or the Grid from Tron: Legacy (2010). Whatever the story has in store, it’ll be great to once again take the light cycle for a spin in the digital landscape.

Tron: Identity is set to come to PC and consoles in 2023.

via Collider

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