Bruce Willis Denies Selling Digital Likeness to Deepfake Company!!

Bruce Willis has rejected claims he sold his digital likeness to deepfake organization Deepcake. The denial comes just days after the legendary Die Hard actor was reported to have agreed for his likeness to be used in future on-screen appearances. Deepfake technology has taken the world by storm for its remarkable ability to replace one person’s likeness with another through the use of artificial intelligence.

A representative for the prolific actor has since refuted the report. In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter, Willis‘ representative said he “has no partnership or agreement with this Deepcake company.” A publicist for Deepcake told the publication that the rights to Willis’ digital twin cannot be sold as they are owned by him automatically. The representative went on to explain that the creation of the actor’s digital likeness was curated for commercial campaigns that took place in 2021 and future usage of his digital counterpart would remain up to the star.

The denial comes after a report from The Telegraph claimed the actor had sold rights to allow a “digital twin” of him to be created via Deepcake, an organization that states it makes “digital twins of people you won’t tell from real.” A statement on their website said Willis had offered his seal of approval for his digital double following his first use in a commercial for Russian phone operator MegaFon back in 2021. Quotes attributed to Willis said he praised the “precision with which my character turned out,” declaring it a “very new and interesting experience.”

Earlier this year, Willis‘ family announced he was stepping away from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia. The condition hinders cognitive abilities causing difficulty with speech and impacting the ability to interpret what others are saying.

Whilst the news was understandably devastating to admirers of Willis‘ work all over the world, his legacy is something to be admired. His mark on Hollywood is far from humble, the Emmy award-winning actor has an estimated 100+ movies in his back catalog, a perfected model of the antihero and a reel of memorable leading roles in numerous globally-acclaimed cult classics. Some of his most noteworthy performances to date include 1988 action smash Die Hard1994 hit Pulp Fiction, 1999 horror The Sixth Sense and 2000 drama Unbreakable. As well as many of Willis‘ performances welcoming a symphony of audience approval and box office glory, a true celebration of his impact on film was put in stone when the actor was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame back in 2006.


via Collider

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