Hans Zimmer Live Album Announced!!

Not many people are lucky enough to get to hear great composers live. But, thankfully, two-time Academy Award-winning film composer Hans Zimmer is giving his fans the next best thing, a live album. “Hans Zimmer Live” will be a new double album featuring reimaginings of some of his most iconic scores. The album, which was recorded during Zimmer’s European tour this year, is currently available for preorder and goes on sale on March 3, 2023.

Zimmer is easily one of the most iconic film composers currently working in Hollywood. In his career, he has earned two Academy Awards, four Grammy’s, three Golden Globes, and countless more awards and nominations. His works have spanned the likes of animated family films like The Lion King to space epics like the recent Dune, both films being the ones to earn him his Academy Awards. His work also includes the celebrated scores of The Dark Knight, Man of Steel, No Time To Die, Blade Runner 2049, Inception, and many, many, more.

Zimmer recorded the album across ten nights during his European tour in 2022 with producer Stephen Lipson. For the tour and album, Zimmer took some of his most iconic themes and created new “suites” for them, delighting fans with new twists on the scores they already love. Fans can get a taste of what that sounds like as the suite for The Last Samurai has been released today as a single off the album. About making these new suites, Zimmer commented:

“I simply wanted to produce the best album. I wanted to create an opportunity for the music to breathe a little differently, in its own context. For this adventure, I am thrilled to have been joined by the greatest possible team of collaborators.”

Zimmer recorded the album with “The Disruptive Collective”, his 20-piece band, as well as the Odessa Opera Orchestra and Choir. Many of the members of “The Disruptive Collective” are talented musicians and composers that are long-time collaborators of Zimmer’s and have worked with him on many projects over the years. This includes Lisa Gerrard, composer and singer whom he worked with on Gladiator and Mission: Impossible 2, and Lebo M, who collaborated with Zimmer to create The Lion King soundtrack. Zimmer himself also plays some instruments on the album as well.

Hans Zimmer Live” is currently available for preorder here and will become available on March 3, 2023. Additionally, the next leg of Zimmer’s European tour kicks off in April 2023, ticket information can be found here. Lastly, listen to the first single off the album, “The Last Samurai suite” here or by going below:

via Collider

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