‘Moon Knight’ Season 2: Oscar Isaac Updates Saying Nothing is Confirmed Yet!!

Earlier in the year, Marvel introduced us to a new superhero, one with ties to the Gods of Egypt with the release of the series, Moon Knight on Disney+. Oscar Isaac played the titular hero, Marc Spector, a mercenary, and his alter Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift shop attendant. The season ended with the reveal of a third alter, Jake Lockley, in a post-credit scene, leaving the door open for the character and story to be revisited in a second season.

The introduction of the third alter, Lockley also revealed that the trio are still bound to the service of Egyptian god Khonshu voiced by F. Murray Abraham. The series was billed as a limited series by Marvel, but it was well-received by audiences and critics which sparked the discussion about a second season. In typical Marvel fashion, there has been little to no news about a renewal, but Isaac has offered a bit more information on it.

Per ComicBook, the actor reveals that discussions surrounding a return to Moon Knight have been had with the studio, which is exciting news for fans of the character. Regarding a return, Isaac emphasizes that the story has to be worth telling: :

“There have been some specific conversations. They were pleasant. The spilling of the details it that there’s no details. We don’t know [if there will be a second season], but we’re talking about it. Truthfully, it’s about the story. Is there a story worth telling? Is it interesting? Will I feel embarrassed about it when it comes out? So it’s just about, is there something worth pouring everything you have into. And with Moon Knight, that was very much about that. It’s creating a structure so that every morning when the alarm went off, I couldn’t wait to get to the set because I wanted to try something different. Whether [Isaac’s Moon Knight returns] in a group thing or maybe a great idea comes around for a season two or if it’s a standalone film or whatever it could be, I think it’s just approaching it in that kind of way. It’s the story first.”

Collider‘s own Steve Weintraub caught up with Isaac to discuss his upcoming graphic novel, Head Wounds: Sparrow, and also asked him about the prospects of Moon Knight Season 2. Isaac in his reply attempted to douse any enthusiasm around a second season saying, “We can’t definitely say that [there’s a Season 2].” He went on to say, “I hope so. You know we’ll see what happens. But at the moment there’s no official word.” In a follow-up question, Weintraub asked him what he’s filming next and Isaac shared that Moon Knight was a lot and the only thing next for him is a play he’s working on next year.

Isaac had previously also sparked a hunger for the series to continue beyond its current point. Appearing in a TikTok put out by Mohammed Diab, a writer on the series, the pair of creatives were all but happy to imply that the series will be returning. To the question of a second season, Isaac replied, “Why else would we be in Cairo?” Whether or not we will get a second season, or what the story will look like remains to be seen. A second season would also offer the return of Marc’s wife, Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy) as the Scarlet Scarab, which will be a fun angle for the series to explore as well.

There is still no official confirmation yet. Stay tuned to Collider for more.


via Collider

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