‘1899’ Trailer Reveals the New German Netflix Series From Creators of ‘Dark’!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has just released an intriguing new trailer for 1899, a new series from Dark creators Baran Bo Odar And Jantje Friese. The new trailer gives us some cryptic new clues into the ocean liner-based mystery ahead for the series. 1899 is set to make its Netflix debut on November 17, 2022, after having made the TIFF Primetime Program Competition.

The new series is a mystery set aboard an immigrant ship going from New York to Europe at the tail end of the 19th century. The ship carries a wide array of passengers, from different nationalities and classes. Soon these divisions will collapse after they come across another ship, the Prometheus, which had slipped mysteriously into the dark some months before their ship’s journey. After their ship comes across the abandoned vessel, mysterious occurrences will soon spread like a curse across the ship’s passengers.

The new trailer gives viewers a glimpse at some mysteries ahead. The trailer begins with a message coming into the ship from the mysteriously abandoned Prometheus. The upper-class passengers gather to discuss the event, and what should be done about the incoming message. Should they change course to see what can be done to help the ship that most had presumed sunken? Or should they glide past it? The Prometheus calls out from the dark stretch of the ocean.

The trailer shows their journey to the Prometheus, from the flares calling out red in the dark, to a small boat voyage out to the wreckage, and lamp-lit images of abandoned bunks. The trailer then spirals into controlled chaos, showing the full effects of their brush with the Prometheus. Not just that, but there are several clues as to a darker conspiracy behind the Prometheus. A man takes a small black pyramid out of his bag, and several passengers of various backgrounds are shown with a black triangle tattoo. The trailer ends in a climax, showing a peak at the mystery ahead for the series.

This series is a follow-up project for Odar and Friese who previously created the Netflix series Dark, which ran for three seasons on the streaming platform. 1899 will be an eight-part series and will star Andres Pietschmann, Lucas Lyngaard, Miguel Bernardeau, Mathilde Ollivier, Aneurin Barnard and Emily Beecham among others. You can watch the trailer for the upcoming new series below. 1899 will premiere on Netflix on November 17, 2022.

via Collider

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