‘Blood For Dust’: Kit Harington Thriller Finds International Distributors!!

Highland Film Group has just locked international distribution deals for the upcoming action thriller Blood for Dust, which will star Scoot McNairy, Kit Harington, and Josh Lucas. The film is set to begin production this November in Montana. Blood for Dust will tell the story of down-on-his-luck traveling salesman Cliff (McNairy), who reunites with his old friend Ricky (Harington), a successful illegal weapons dealer. Cliff soon finds himself agreeing to partner up with Ricky, who is getting ready to travel drugs across state lines for an American cartel boss (Lucas). However, things go majorly awry when Ricky goes murderous and Cliff finds himself in a fight for survival. The film sounds like a crime drama mixed with a survival thriller, which may end up being an entertaining bloodbath.

The film is set to be distributed by 101 Films Distribution for the UK, Originals Factory for France, California Filmes for Latin America, Splendid Film GmbH for Germany, Daro Film Distribution for Eastern Europe, Filmfinity for South Africa, Spentzos Film for Greece, Blue Swan Entertainment for Italy and Eagle Films for the Middle East. The film will be directed by Rod Blackhurst from a script by David Ebeltoft.

Highland Film Group CEO Arianne Fraser and COO Delphine Perrier both spoke about the upcoming film, with Fraser saying, “We are delighted to have our wonderful international partners come on board and champion this riveting, action-packed thriller with a fantastic ensemble cast led by Scoot, Kit and Josh,” and Perrier adding “We look forward to bringing this gripping tale of greed and ambition to audiences worldwide and can’t wait for cameras to roll this fall.” Blood for Dust is being produced by Noah Lang, Mark Fasano, and Bernard Kira. Ford Corbett and David Ebeltoft serve as the film’s executive producers.

Blood for Dust does not currently have a release date. Check out the film’s official synopsis below:

“Former friends Cliff (Scoot McNairy), a traveling salesman struggling to make a living, and Ricky (Kit Harington), an illegal weapons dealer making serious money, reconnect one fateful day. Hoping to make some quick cash, Cliff agrees to partner with the violent Ricky, who is expanding his business to include cross-state drug and gun deliveries for John, a mid-level American cartel boss (Josh Lucas). Reluctantly he agrees to retrofit his beat-up station wagon to carry dozens of kilos of drugs. When Ricky turns a simple exchange into a bloodbath to eliminate the competition, Cliff realizes his harsh new reality. John’s money and drugs soon bring hard retribution to the duo, and every scenario escalates to an explosive conclusion where Cliff must fight just to stay alive.”


via Collider

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