‘Irreverent’ Trailer Sees a Criminal Mediator Evading by Disguised as a Priest!! Check It Out!!

Peacock is going off the grid this November in their newest original drama series Irreverent. Ahead of its release, the streamer has dropped the show’s key art and the official trailer that follows criminal mediator Paulo Keegan (played by Colin Donnell) – or “Reverend Mackenzie Boyd,” depending on who’s asking – across Far North Queensland, Australia. Despite its gritty crime-thriller premise, Irreverent‘s trailer boasts a surprisingly heartfelt charm, as well as a comical cast of characters.

From creator and showrunner Paddy Macrae (Wanted), Irreverent‘s ten-episode first season chronicles the mishaps of a Chicago criminal mediator who finds himself on the run in order to stay alive. When a deal goes badly Paulo is forced to leave his life behind in favor of survival, choosing the far reaches of an Australian reef community to evade the Chicago mob, looking to finish him off. In order to disguise his identity, Paulo opts to try the opposite end of the moral spectrum, dropping his life of crime for the clergy.

Posing as Reverend Mackenzie “Mack” Boyd, Paulo establishes himself as the new reverend of a small beach town where phones and the internet are no longer an option, and begins forming bonds with this new community of people searching for a leader. Soon, Mack begins to consider this town his home, but the mob hasn’t forgotten his transgressions and are hot on the trail.

In the trailer we meet Paulo before he assumes the role of reverend, as his plane takes off, carrying him to a new life. Immediately his presence in Far North Queensland shakes the community’s sleepy balance, and a whole cast of characters comes out of the woodwork looking for a savior. Upon announcing his arrival, they believe this new reverend will provide them with the solace and leadership they so desperately seek, but it seems Paulo is there to fall short of their expectations each time. As one member of Rev Mack’s flock says, though he was supposed to help him, Mack has “made everything worse.” On top of that, Mack’s new identity may crumble if he can’t uphold his intricately fabricated illusion. Showrunner Macrae described the series as “a momentous undertaking,” saying:

“Irreverent is ultimately a story about the power and importance of community, and we hope that people feel the love and the belief with which the show was made. Producing Irreverent has been a momentous undertaking, but it’s been endlessly rewarding too. The team and I feel deeply proud of the result and cannot wait to share it with the rest of the world.”

Filmed on location in Australia, Irreverent is a Matchbox Pictures production directed by Jonathan Teplitzky and Lucy Gaffy. Joining Arrow‘s Donnell, the cast also features PJ Byrne (Big Little Lies) as the real Mackenzie Boyd; Susie Porter (Cargo) as Agnes; Kylie Bracknell (I Met A Girl) as Piper, Briallen Clarke (The Heights) as Amy; Tegan Stimson (The Tailings) as Daisy; Ed Oxenbould (Better Watch Out) as Cameron and more.

Irreverent premieres on Peacock on November 30, with all 10 episodes available at launch. You can watch the official trailer below:

via Collider

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