‘Mammals’ Trailer Sees James Corden Discovering Secrets of His Marriage!! Check It Out!!

Award-winning comedian James Corden is facing a crisis in the new trailer for Prime Video‘s Mammals. Corden stars as Jamie Buckingham, a Michelin star chef whose life is upended upon discovering the secrets his pregnant wife Amandine (Melia Kreiling) has kept under wraps for some time. The new footage sees him looking for answers anywhere to make sense of the revelations, though he doesn’t exactly find what he’s hoping for.

The trailer immediately tees up the heartbreak, showing Jamie and his wife on a video, professing that, “If love is impossible, we must believe in the impossible. We must believe in magic.” His perfect life is then shattered when he gets a text message from another man while borrowing his wife’s phone. It’s as if his worldview is completely shattered as he follows her around, trying to comprehend everything that’s been going on behind his back. He looks to his brother-in-law (Colin Morgan) and his wife Lue (Sally Hawkins) for help, but thanks to their differences, both seem almost listless in their marriage. For Jamie, monogamous love seems as impossible as the Rubik’s Cube an old woman returns to Lue out of despair.

A voiceover reiterates the whole point of the series: monogamy is hard, but it’s magic. Mammals looks to explore fidelity, the complexities of modern marriage, and the challenges that come with finding the one person to be with for the rest of your life. It’s still a comedy though and the trailer ends with one final scene of Jamie vomiting in surprise after meeting superstar “It’s Not Unusual” singer Tom Jones.

Mammals marks a return to acting on television for Corden. Best known now for his presence in film and role as host of The Late Late Show, his star previously rose for Gavin & Stacey, a wildly popular British comedy series that he starred in and wrote with his Fat Friends co-star Ruth Jones. Running for three seasons, along with a Christmas special that reunited the cast in 2019, the show earned him his first BAFTA for Best Comedy Performance in 2008. Since then, his roles on television have been few and far between, though he may explore more opportunities in 2023 after leaving his late night talk show. He’ll get to explore a darker side of comedy this time around with a talented cast around him to boot.

Who Made Mammals?

Two-time Olivier and Tony Award winner Jez Butterworth penned the series which Stephanie Laing directed. In addition to being an acclaimed playwright, Butterworth has maintained a solid presence on the big screen as a writer on Ford v. Ferrari, Edge of Tomorrow, and Birthday Girl. He’ll get to be part of a blockbuster franchise in the near future as he’s on board the writing staff for the as yet untitled fifth Indiana Jones movie.

Mammals premieres all six episodes on Prime Video on November 11. Check out the trailer below.

via Collider

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