‘Zootopia+’ Trailer Takes Us Back Into the Exciting World of Our Favorite Animals!! Check It Out!!

Disney+ is inviting you to hop, crawl, or run and check out a trailer for their upcoming six-episode series, Zootopia+. Landing on the streaming service this Wednesday, November 9, the limited series will catch audiences up on what their favorite animals from the 2016 animated feature have been up to. Since being announced at this year’s D23 expo, fans have been patiently waiting for the arrival of this spin-off six-years in the making, and it’s almost here.

The gang’s back together in the show’s trailer that returns audiences to the titular city where it all began. A teaser of each episode plays out during the first-look with fan favorites including Zootopia’s leading character, Judy, receiving their very own full-length stories. From installments revolving around song and dance to spoofs of The Real Housewives franchise and legendary film The Godfather, the imaginative series promises to leave no story untold.

In Judy’s episode, titled “Hopp on Board,” we’ll see the bunny leave her home in Bunny Burrow to travel to Zootopia and strike out on her own as the city’s very first bunny police officer. Meanwhile, the youngest daughter of the family, Molly, will try to make it to the city as a stowaway on the train, leading parents Stu and Bonnie on a fast-paced adventure to bring her back to the burrow. Taking a note from cities like New York and Atlanta, “The Real Rodents of Little Rodentia” will put a reality spin on the life of Fru Fru following her engagement. As she plots and plans every last detail of her wedding, Fru Fru’s cousin Tru Tru arrives to take over the Shrew of Honor duties. Drama abounds as the duo duel for the spotlight.

After appearing as one of the original film’s antagonists, Duke is happy to be the lead of his own musical episode, aptly titled “Duke the Musical.” Following his latest arrest, the weasel will take audiences on a walk down memory lane through song and dance. Making audiences an offer they can’t refuse, “The Godfather of the Bride” will tie in with “The Real Rodents of Little Rodentia” and follow Fru Fru’s father, Mr. Big as he makes his father-of-the-bride speech. Tapping into days of the past, the now successful shrew will tell wedding guests about his humble beginnings in Zootopia.

What would a Zootopia spin-off be without a little dance? In “So You Think You Can Prance,” Clawhauser pushes his Zootopia Police Department boss, Chief Bob, to take center stage and audition for the titular hit competition series. Showing off his moves, Chief Bob tries to out-dance his competitors and win the grand prize of appearing on stage alongside everyone’s favorite pop superstar – Gazelle.

Finally, “Dinner Rush” will reintroduce the slow moving sloths, Flash and Priscilla as they hit the town for a late dinner. Much to the dismay of their server Sam, who’s in a rush to make it to the Gazelle concert, the duo show up right before closing and – as we’d expect – move through their dining experience at a glacial pace.

You can check out the trailer below.

via Collider

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