‘A Million Little Things’: ABC Drama Ending with Season 5!!

The curtains will come down on ABC‘s hit family drama, A Million Little Things after it airs its upcoming 5th Season, Variety reveals. The series has had quite a successful run since its premiere on the network in the fall of 2018 becoming one of the most-viewed shows on the network’s coveted Thursday night line-up before it moved to the Wednesday nighttime slot mid-way through its third season. Created by DJ Nash, AMLT took viewers on an emotional rollercoaster ride following the lives of tight-knit friends who are spurred up to live their lives more intentionally after the tragic death of a close friend. The show resonated with its audiences and quickly garnered a fanbase fondly referred to as “millionaires.”

Nash created the show based on a personal experience and drew from the personality of his real-life friends to create its characters. In a statement, the producer revealed that he had originally conceived the show to run for 5 seasons saying that the time was right to move on from it. “I know seeing this show end may be sad for many people (especially my mom who watches live every week), but I always knew I wanted to follow these friends for 5 seasons and leave them when the time was right,” Nash said. Nash equally remarked on the immediate positive reception the show received from viewers adding;

“When we started making our show, I never could have imagined this incredible community of ‘Millionaires’ who would come together and not only watch but also share with each other their personal struggles, their pain, and ultimately their true grit. I am both honored and humbled by all of it and am so in awe of the incredible actors, writers, directors, and crew who lend their talent to make our show. I am also so grateful that ABC now makes mental health awareness one of the top issues for which it advocates. Terrence and I can’t wait for the Millionaires to watch what we have planned for our final season.”

AMLT was renewed for a 5th season in May and has been scheduled to premiere on February 8 in its usual Wednesday 10 p.m time slot. To announce the show’s end, ABC released a video featuring the show’s cast members who revealed the sad but inevitable news of the show ending in the sweetest of ways appreciating and bidding farewell to its millionaires while inviting them on one last final ride with its final season which has been dubbed “the farewell season.” The cast members also revealed further details about the upcoming season sharing that production has already begun.

A Million Little Things stars David Giuntoli as Eddie Saville, Romany Malco as Rome Howard, Allison Miller as Maggie Bloom, Christina Moses as Regina Howard, Grace Park as Katherine Kim, and James Roday Rodriguez as Gary Mendez. Creator Nash executive produces alongside Terrence Coli, Aaron Kaplan, and Brian Morewitz with Joanna Kerns serving as co-executive producer.

All previous 4 seasons of the family drama are available to stream on Hulu as will the upcoming 5th season. Check out the farewell message from the cast below;

via Collider

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