‘Kindred’ Teaser Teases a Sinister Time Traveling Tale!! Check It Out!!

Since it was first announced last January that FX was picking up the series adaptation of Octavia E. Butler’s celebrated best-selling 1979 novel, Kindred, fans have been eagerly awaiting further information and first-looks. Today, the wait is over as Hulu has dropped an official trailer giving followers their first look into the time-hopping tale of the story’s protagonist, Dana James (Mallori Johnson).

In the series, we’ll meet Dana, a young Black woman who makes the huge decision to leave her family behind and move to Los Angeles in hopes of making her writing dreams a reality. But a new story quickly begins to unfold for Dana as she finds herself zipping back and forth in time on an unwelcome journey that puts her in touch with her family’s past and the dark secrets that come along with it. As she meets with family members who came before her, the harsh realities of the time period are a constant threat for the young woman who’s forced to make sense of the interracial love affair that threatens to tear her current life apart.

In the newly released trailer, terror is all too real for Dana as she inexplicably bounces between two realities – that of her life in present day Los Angeles and a world unknown to her on a 19th century plantation. The trailer does a terrific job of setting the story’s dark and confusing tone, keeping viewers just as unsure of Dana’s reality as she is. The first look also introduces us to Dana’s doting boyfriend, Kevin (Micah Stock) who confirms his partner’s suspicions that she’s traveling through time. With secrets coming to light, each travel back into the past threatens Dana’s very existence.

Along with Johnson and Stock, the series also stars Ryan Kwanten (Glorious), Gayle Rankin (Glow), David Alexander Kapla (Stranger Things), Austin Smith (Russian Doll), Sheria Irving (A Luv Tale: The Series), and Sophina Brown (The Orville). The eight-episode production was created by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins (Watchmen) who also serves as an executive producer alongside Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields, Darren Aronofsky, and Ari Handel. Janicza Bravo will direct the show’s pilot and also joins as an executive producer.

If you were looking for your next binge-worthy sci-fi-meets-history series, this is it. With Jacobs-Jenkins behind this on-screen adaptation of Butler’s classic and forever relevant novel, it’s certain to be a huge success in TV series form. You can catch Kindred when all episodes begin streaming on Hulu December 13. Check out the trailer below.

via Collider

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