‘Partner Track’: Arden Cho led New Netflix Legal Drama Series Cancelled After One Season!!

The fans wanted it, and the cast definitely wanted it too, but sadly, this is where the journey ends for Ingrid Yun (Arden Cho), the driven Korean American lawyer who we watched strive hard to balance her personal and professional life on Netflix’s legal drama Partner Track. After airing for just one season, Netflix has cancelled the show due to lackluster ratings and its failure to meet the streamer’s requirements to qualify for a renewal. Despite a promising start which saw it peak at number 4 on Netflix‘s Weekly Top 10 for English-language series, Parker Track struggled to maintain that position slipping off of the tightly-contested chart by the third week following its premiere on August 26 with all 10 episodes released at once. News of the cancellation was first reported by Deadline.

Partner Track left fans wanting more following a cliffhanger ending that saw Yun break away from the love triangle she was in with Jeff and Nick choosing the former who ended up leaving her with a broken heart after doing the unthinkable. The ending left much potential for Season 2 and the brass at Netflix initially threw their full weight behind the show going as far as commissioning a writer’s room to brainstorm ideas for a possible trajectory for the second season, but sadly, it was not to be. Netflix depended on viewership numbers to finalize its decision, and the show could not live up to expectations. Series lead, Cho did her part to spread awareness on the show by using the hashtag “Renew Partner Track” on a series of Instagram posts. Cho was able to influence some of her 3.2 million followers on the platform who took the campaign to Twitter mentioning Netflix in their tweets and urging the streamer to renew it. Needless to say, the cancellation will leave them hugely disappointed.

With the curtains now permanently drawn on the show, its lead, Cho will be focusing her attention on her other engagement with the streamer; her next major project is Avatar: The Last Airbender – a live-action adaptation of the animated television series of the same name where she will play the recurring role of June. Co-star Zane Philips who recurred as Hunter will next be seen as a series regular on the streamer’s upcoming series Glamorous.

Partner Track was based on a 2013 novel of the same name by Helen Wan. The show was written for the screens by Kim Shumway who also served as an executive producer alongside showrunner Georgia Lee and Kristen Campo. The show had a series of directors spread across its 10 episodes, they include Julie Anne Robinson, Tanya Wexler, Adam Brooks, Lily Mariye, and Kevin Berlandi. Starring in main roles with Cho were Alexandra Turshen, Bradley Gibson, Dominic Sherwood, Rob Heaps, Nolan Gerard Funk, Matthew Rauch, and Roby Attal.

Season 1 of Partner Track is still available to stream on Netflix.


via Collider

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