‘Dragon Age: Absolution’ Trailer Reveals Netflix Animated Series Adaption!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has revealed a new trailer for their upcoming animated series Dragon Age: Absolution, based on BioWare‘s beloved fantasy RPG video game series. The new trailer gave us a look at the party of characters that the series will follow as well as confirmed the release date for the six 30-minute episodes.

The new 2-minute trailer focuses on the character of Miriam, an eleven mercenary and former slave, voiced by Kimberly Brooks, who shuts herself off from others. The story kicks off when she is approached for a job to steal an ouroboros-shaped blood magic artifact known as the Circulum Infinitus along with a team of warriors and mages. The heist goes sideways and sees Miriam having to display her heroic qualities to save her team and confront her tragic past.

Set in the nation of Tevinter, Dragon Age: Absolution is based on the RPG series Dragon Age which has seen major success throughout its many entries since its debut in 2009. The next upcoming Dragon Age game, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, will be a single-player focused experience that further builds on this incredible adventure. There were rumors in early 2021 that this next entry in the video game franchise would take place in Tevinter, with the Tevinter Imperium being one of the oldest nations in the world of the games, so it only makes sense that the series will also take place here. The upcoming series will introduce fans and newcomers alike to an all-new party of characters inspired by Dragon Age lore that will include elves, mages, knights, Qunari, Red Templars, demons, and other special surprises.

Who Else Is Attached to Dragon Age: Absolution?

In addition to Brooks and Mercer, the cast of Dragon Age: Absolution includes Ashly Burch as Qwydion, Sumalee Montano as Hira, Phil LaMarr as Roland, Keston John as Lacklon, Josh Keaton as Rezaren, and Zehra Fazal as Tassia. The series showrunner is Mairghread Scott (Justice League Dark: Apokolips War), who also serves as a writer and executive producer on the series. Fellow writers on the project include Mae Catt and Tim Sheridan with the show also being executive produced by Chris Bain, Matthew Goldman, and John Epler. The series is directed by Ki Yong Bae (The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf). The series is produced by Red Dog Culture House and BioWare.

Dragon Age: Absolution is set to premiere on Netflix with all six episodes of the series on December 9. You can check out the brand-new trailer for the upcoming series as well as read its official synopsis down below.

When a heist against the most powerful man in Tevinter goes south, an elven mercenary named Miriam (Kimberly Brooks) is forced into a desperate fight for survival. Now, to save herself and her friends, Miriam will have to confront the tragic past she’s spent a lifetime trying to escape.


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