‘Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies’ Teaser Teases the First On-Camera Interview of the Accused!! Check It Out!!

Peacock has been flexing their true crime muscles and doing an excellent job in keeping up with their competitors over the last few years. From their 2021 release John Wayne Gacy: Devil in Disguise to their current series, A Friend of the Family which tells the dramatized version of a story covered in Skye Borgman’s Abducted in Plain Sight, the streamer has delivered some of the best true crime content around. Today, they’ve shared a look at their latest project – a three part docuseries titled Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies.

As its title suggests, the series will focus on the life and alleged crimes of Anthony following the tragic death of her daughter back in 2008. Now, over a decade since she was found innocent, Anthony will sit in front of a camera and share her side of the story that made major headlines during her trial in 2011. Anyone who’s familiar with the case will know that this marks her first on-camera appearance in the years following her acquittal, as she’s attempted to keep a very low profile.

The death of Anthony’s daughter, Caylee Anthony, and the story that would follow was a twisting and turning road of confusion as a jury had to make the ultimate decision surrounding Anthony’s involvement in her daughter’s death. Forced to take sides were Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy Anthony who first reported the child to be missing along with the tip that their daughter’s car smelled like something had died in it.

The court case would feature headline-making stories including Anthony’s lies surrounding a job that she didn’t have and a made-up nanny that she claimed was with the child at the time of her death. There was also evidence presented that was pulled from a computer used by Anthony in which the terms “neck breaking” and “how to make chloroform” were discovered in recent Google searches. In the end, Anthony’s defense team was able to bring up reasonable doubt in the prosecution’s case, leading to her acquittal. Following her time in the public eye, Anthony moved away from the newspapers and tried to start her life over. She still lives in Florida where she now runs her own private investigation firm.

As for what will be covered in Peacock’s upcoming docuseries, it’s up in the air. The teaser leaves a lot to be desired as it’s a short clip that sees Anthony seated in front of the camera with a producer asking her “Why talk to me now, when you’re not getting creative control?” before cutting out. From this, it seems as though the production is hoping to draw in audiences by letting them know that they control the reigns and will be asking Anthony some hard-hitting questions.

With the recent success of Ryan Murphy and Netflix’s Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, the time is right for fellow streaming services to strike while the iron is hot and tell other attention grabbing stories of headline making true crime tales. Casey Anthony: Where The Truth Lies lands on Peacock on November 29. You can see the teaser below.

via Collider

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