‘Devotion’: Joe Jonas and Khalid Release New Music Video “Not Alone” for the Upcoming War Movie!!

Joe Jonas and Khalid have released the music video of their song “Not Alone” – a featured soundtrack in the wartime movie, Devotion. The music video launched on Friday, Nov 11, in honor of those who served in the United States Armed Forces, just in time to celebrate Veterans Day.

The wartime film is a true story about friendship, heroism and sacrifice, based on naval pilots Ensign Jesse Brown (Jonathan Majors) and Lieutenant Tom Hudner (Glen Powell). Brown was the US Navy’s first African-American carrier pilot. The track, co-written with Bernard Harvey and Ryan Tedder, honors the devotion of veterans.

The music video opens with a footage of Majors from the movie, followed by Jonas’ opening lyric “Another step on your own. Another mile that you have flown.” Just like the story goes, the soundtrack depicts the story of friendship and sacrifice with words like “you are not alone, I’ll watch over you.”

In an interview with PEOPLE, the music video’s director, Quran Squire, said he wanted to convey the emotion from the book and script into the music video. Squire said: “How can we take the emotion from a book, to the script, to the film, to a music video. That level of devotion to what it is you want to give of yourself, we all have to sacrifice at some point in life.”

Jonas, who plays the role of Marty Goode in Devotion, also stated the intention to express the raw emotion from the story in the music video. He revealed that the plane in the music video was used in the movie:

“We definitely spoke about the idea of shooting this video as a separation of my two passions from music, and acting. I’m not playing a character in this video, I’m myself. But we wanted the video to speak to the raw emotion of the song, so everything from the clothing to actually having one of the planes we used in the film.”

In his interview, Khalid expressed his gratitude at being a part of the song:

“I’m very thankful that Joe reached out to me to be a part of this. I think that the message is really special. The movie, he tells me, is incredible. I can’t wait to see it for myself. And this is just a beautiful experience all around. Good vibes, good people, good energy. And I can’t wait for you guys to hear the song and see the movie.”

Devotion will be released on November 23. Check out the music video below:


via Collider


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