‘Man of Steel 2’: Henry Cavill’s Return Plans On Hold Amid Changes!!

Henry Cavill‘s Superman return has slowed down, as what could be Man of Steel 2 appears to be on hold as James Gunn and Peter Safran figure out the DC Universe‘s future. DC fans were treated to a surprise last month when Henry Cavill returned as Superman in Black Adam‘s post-credits scene. The actor followed up the appearance with a social media post promising that he would continue to be Superman in the DCU and that exciting plans were in motion. It appeared this could happen sooner than expected as Man of Steel 2 re-entered development and Cavill exited The Witcher, seemingly to free his schedule for DC.

It now appears that Henry Cavill‘s Superman return will take a bit longer than some may have expected. Previous reports revealed that Cavill did not have a contract for more DC appearances and that no creative team was in place for Man of Steel 2. These details have once again been corroborated by The Wrap, but the outlet adds that the momentum behind the project has slowed down. This is due to new DC Studios heads James Gunn and Peter Safran remaining busy figuring out the long-term plans for the DCU.

News of a Superman movie starring Henry Cavill being delayed or stalling in development is not something new for DC fans. The older regimes at Warner Bros. and DC Films repeatedly attempted to make Man of Steel 2, but every attempt eventually encountered some type of problem. However, this new Superman delay is happening for a much better reason. The previous troubles often came with figuring out how to make a Superman movie fit within the DCEU or struggling to find the right creative team. This Henry Cavill Superman movie delay is seemingly to make sure none of those issues return.

Whereas the previous regime at DC Films seemed to have no interest in using Henry Cavill‘s Superman, that has not been an indication from DC Studios. James Gunn and Peter Safran confirmed that they are eager to use Superman in future stories. Henry Cavill has not been confirmed to be part of these plans, but it would seem logical given the nature of Black Adam‘s post-credits scene and the fan excitement to see more of Cavill. Gunn has said they are committed to listening to the fans, so bringing Henry Cavill‘s Superman back would be a chance to do just that.

The hold on Man of Steel 2‘s development should not be too worrying either considering how important Henry Cavill‘s Superman will be for the DCU. As James Gunn and Peter Safran look to rebuild the DCU, it would be strange to do so without Superman. Even if they would prefer to recast the character, Black Adam‘s post-credits scene potentially forced their hand. Audiences and Cavill are too excited about seeing more of his Superman for the DCU not to deliver on that promise.


via Screen Rant

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