‘A Wounded Fawn’: New Clip Hints at a Sinister Presence Lurking!! Check It Out!!

If you’re in the mood to step into a surrealist horror landscape, then A Wounded Fawn is a film for you to keep an eye on. For those who want to see at what the movie has to offer, the horror streaming service Shudder has released an exclusive clip.

The clip shows the characters of Meredith and Bruce, played by Sarah Lind and Josh Ruben. They are in a cabin in the woods, a trope well-known in the horror genre as a place where things tend to go wrong. As they are in the cabin, she gets an uneasy feeling about the cabin and the surroundings that is not assuaged by Bruce coming up behind her and flicking her on the ear. Meredith dismisses her feeling of uneasiness, and the two go back into the cabin to enjoy a leisurely dinner. The shot pulls away to show the cabin, nestled in darkness, the only light cutting through the darkness a lone porch light, and it shows what seems to be a mysterious stranger, watching the cabin for reasons unknown. Meredith doesn’t seem to go with her gut instinct in the clip that something is wrong, both with what’s outside the cabin and with what’s inside.

A Wounded Fawn stars Lind as Meredith Tanning. Meredith is getting back into the dating scene after some time away, and thinks she has found an interesting prospect in Bruce Ernst, played by Ruben. The two share a love for the arts, yet Meredith has no idea that Bruce is not who he seems to be–in fact, he is a serial killer. The two head off for a romantic getaway, but Meredith is left to wonder if the potential man of her dreams has ulterior motives in mind. The film has elements of inspiration from Greek mythology, and looks to be another addition to a slate of horror movies such as Run Sweetheart Run that caution women, either directly or indirectly, to be careful when it comes to dating.

The movie is directed and written by Travis Stevens, who served as a producer on the films Girl on the Third Floor and Jakob’s Wife. Stevens also serves as A Wounded Fawn’s producer, along with Joe Barbagallo and Laurence Gendron. Lee Forsyth, Emily Gotto, Jonathan Hsu, Michael Ricci, Melissa Rossaki, and Paris Stroungaris all serve as executive producers. A review of the film by Collider calls A Wounded Fawn “a decadent descent into the madness and mysticism that movie-making is capable of conjuring up.”

The movie hits Shudder on December 1. Watch the clip from A Wounded Fawn below:


via Collider

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