‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’: Netflix Series Has Passed 1 Billion Viewed Hours!!

Ryan Murphy‘s Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story just keeps getting bigger on Netflix. After dominating the streamer’s charts since its release, the series has passed another milestone, reaching a staggering 1 billion hours viewed. It now sits as one of three series in the streamer’s history to surpass that mark within 60 days, joining global juggernaut Squid Game and Stranger Things 4.

For a considerable time starting from Monster‘s release on September 21, Murphy had the top spots on Netflix‘s viewing charts firmly locked down for himself. The Evan Peters-led true-crime series got off to a hot start, becoming one of the most-watched series in Netflix’s history within the first two weeks of its release with 496 million hours watched and 56 million households tuning in. It steadily crept up the streamer’s all-time viewership charts all while keeping an iron grip on the Global Top 10 and even reigned as Nielsen’s top streamed series for three straight weeks until Murphy‘s other true-crime darling, The Watcher came in and overtook it. By the end of its reign, Monster recorded seven weeks in Netflix‘s Global Top 10, a Top 10 appearance in 92 separate countries, and rose to #2 on the Most Watched English TV all-time list.

The wins just keep stacking up for Murphy who is making his five-year overall deal with Netflix seem more and more worth it by the day. Monster is one of two projects he’s attached to that’s landed in Netflix‘s Global Top 10 for three consecutive weeks. The other, Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, also landed in the Top 10 in 91 different countries, though Murphy only served as a producer on the film. Thanks to the overwhelming success of his two new true-crime series, he’s also landed renewals for both Monster and The Watcher with the former set to become an anthology series following multiple serial killers in an anthology format.

More On the Unprecedented Success of Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Much of Murphy‘s Netflix success, including Monster, has come with the help of his partner Ian Brennan. The two have no shortage of shows on the streamer, but Monster marks a new high for them, and it’s easy to see why. Audiences are hooked on true crime and the creators didn’t skimp on quality for their depiction of the story of the Milwaukee Cannibal. Peters gets all the attention for his chilling portrayal of Dahmer, but the rest of the main cast is stellar too with Richard Jenkins, Molly Ringwald, Michael Learned, Penelope Ann Miller, Colin Ford, Shaun J. Brown, and Niecy Nash all aboard alongside a slew of other talented guest stars.

Monster is not without its critics though. The show’s rise has been plagued with controversy after controversy, mostly stemming from how it dramatizes Dahmer‘s life and the lack of focus and respect for the victims. Some families of the victims were never contacted about the show’s creation, leaving them blindsided by the series. Netflix also drew ire from the LGBTQ+ community for labeling the series as an LGBTQ show because its main character, the cannibalistic killer Dahmer, was part of that community. Even those that worked on the series haven’t come away satisfied as accusations of racist treatment on set also clouded the show after its release. Murphy has largely maintained the importance of honoring the victims, but hopes are that he and Brennan will take Monster‘s criticisms to heart when creating the next two seasons both to make the series and the set more respectful.

Dahmer can currently be streamed in its entirety on Netflix. Check out the trailer below.


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