‘Wolf Pack’: New Clip Teases an Investigation of a Mysterious Creature!! Check It Out!!

With shows like Vampire Academy, Reginald the Vampire, and Interview with the Vampire sustaining vampiric dominance on the small screen, Wolf Pack is coming to shake things up in January 2023. With Wolf Pack‘s release date fast approaching, Paramount+ is revealing a new look at the upcoming series.

The newly released clip shows Kirsten Ramsey (Sarah Michelle Gellar) discussing a mysterious wild animal causing chaos in town. Though neither she nor the sheriff (Rodrigo Santoro) admit to getting a good look at the creature, it’s clear there is more to this story than meets the eye.

The upcoming series, which is based on Edo van Belkom‘s book of the same name, will follow a pair of teenagers who are ‘bitten’ during the chaos of a California wildfire. The pair meet other teenagers just like them and must now contend with a mysterious and dangerous creature believed to have awakened in the forest fire. The supernatural series garnered significant attention when it was revealed that genre vet Gellar will be joining the series. Gellar is set to play Kristin Ramsey, the chief arson investigator looking into the mysterious forest fires.

What Can We Expect From Wolf Pack?

From previous looks at the series, including the trailer released in October, the series is gearing up to be an action-packed show that will offer a new take on the well-treaded werewolf mythology seen on television. Gellar previously revealed that it was the relatability of the storylines and the situations the characters face that attracted her to the project. As such, viewers can expect a grounded character-driven story. This comes as no surprise as Jeff Davis, who demonstrated his ability in creating lovable and fan-favorite characters in Teen Wolf, is responsible for bringing Wolf Pack to our screens in January.

Gellar returns to the supernatural genre alongside Santoro as Garrett Briggs, Armani Jackson as Everett Lang, Bella Shepard as Blake Navarro, Tyler Lawrence Gray as Harlan Briggs, and Chloe Rose Robertson as Luna Briggs. Davis will serve as executive producer alongside Karen Gorodetzky, Joe Genier, and Mike Elliott for Capital Arts. Additionally, Gellar, Jason Ensler, and Christian Taylor will also serve as executive producers.

Wolf Pack is set to arrive on Paramount+ on January 26, 2023. Until then, check out the new clip below:


via Collider

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