‘National Treasure: Edge of History’ Gets New Character Posters!! Check It Out!!

There are so many new exciting shows on Disney+ that are ending the streamer’s 2022 with a bang. One of those series reviving an iconic franchise property is National Treasure: Edge of History. The series premieres December 14 and now Disney+ have uncovered new character posters that give fans the latest glimpse at our new group of treasure hunters. The best part is, in classic franchise fashion, each poster holds a clue to a larger message.

The seven new character posters present Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Billie Pearce, Lisette Olivera’s Jess Morales/Valenzuela, Zuri Reed’s Tasha Rivers, Jake Austin Walker’s Liam Sadusky, Jordan Rodrigues’ Ethan, Antonio Cipriano’s Oren, and Lyndon Smith’s Agent Ross. Each character has their own trait associated with them. Billie’s “The Truth Keeper”, Jess’ “The Truth Seeker”, Tasha’s “The Specialist”, Liam’s “The Wild Card”, Ethan’s “The Skeptic”, Oren’s “The Believer”, and Ross’ “The Law”. To the naked eye and the uninitiated these are just normal descriptors, but the motion posters add a new layer to these images. Clues to a much larger message with certain letters underlined in each poster. For example the “TR” in truth is underlined for Billie while the “U” in truth is underlined for Jess. The Letters in question, in the order the posters are in, are “TRUSEERA”. However, when you unscramble them, they spell out “TREASURE”.

These posters are just another fun and simple way to engage the fans with the underline letters being very reminiscent of the scene from the first National Treasure where Riley hires a kid to help him decode the message on the Declaration of Independence. This series from all the posters, trailers, and marketing thus far, has captured the adventurous spirit of the franchise and then some. This particular treasure hunt will feature a new band of explorers led by Jess, with the help of legacy character Riley Poole played once again by Justin Bartha. Again, in classic franchise fashion Jess and Billie are both on the hunt for three mysterious boxes. The clues in these boxes lead to a hidden lost treasure that Jess’ dad told her about when she was younger.

Like in the past franchise entries, this new installment will be rooted in themes of family and legacy. It’s all about learning we’re Jess comes from along with the thrill of getting to the treasure first. Edge of History promises to be another highly entertaining entry full of puzzles, traps, and endless clues, but it will also be touching on a new side of American history with the involvement of the Mexican-American war. On top of that, it will be interesting to see how the series ties into the Nicolas Cage led films given Riley’s supporting role in this latest adventure. Harvey Keitel will be returning to the franchise as FBI Agent Sadusky as well.

National Treasure: Edge of History premieres on Disney+ with its first two episodes December 14. Its first season will contain 10 episodes. While we adventure fans anxiously wait for National Treasure‘s long awaited return, you can view Edge of History’s new mysterious character posters down below.


via Collider

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