‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’: New Clip Introduces Sophia Brown’s Elite Warrior!! Check It Out!!

Netflix’s The Witcher: Blood Origin recently released a full-length trailer at CCXP and now as we count down the days to the new series the streamer is teasing the audience with new looks at its various characters. In a new clip released on The Witcher’s official Twitter handle we meet Sophia Brown’s Éile. The streamer reveals, “Éile, an elite warrior from Raven Clan with the voice of a goddess.” The short clip introduces the new warrior as she mysteriously says, “For a while, strings made more sense to me than any blade. Thought I could do more good with a song than a sword. But things change.”

The idea for Blood Origin was conceived by Declan De Barra, who expanded on the world of elves while writing for Season 3 of the original series. The upcoming series will elaborate on the notable in-universe event called the Conjunction of spheres, and the creation of the first Witcher. This pre-conjunction world is dominated by the elves and divided into social strata where the royals are at the top, before the mages and sages. Then we have the warrior class further going down to the lowborn.

In the new series, Brown‘s Éile is the daughter of the chief of the Raven Clan who has been trained to become part of an elite guard known as the Lark. However, as hinted in the new clip, she chooses to live a life of a traveling musician. In a previous interview, the actress revealed that she thinks of Eile as “the compass” of this new group of warriors. However, like any good leader, she’s unaware that she’s leading the journey. Brown further explained, “I liked the fact that, even though there was a lot of fighting and there was a lot of toughness to the character, I brought a softness to her that was crucial to the world, to her, and to the people that she interacts with.”

Along with Brown as Éile, the series also features Michelle Yeoh as Scian, Laurence O’Fuarain as Fjall, Minnie Driver as Seanchaí, Lenny Henry as Chief Druid Balor, Mirren Mack as Merwyn, Nathaniel Curtis as Brían, Dylan Moran as Uthrok One-Nut, and Jacob Collins-Levy as Eredin while Joey Batey reprise Jaskier from the original series.

The Witcher: Blood Origin debuts on Netflix this Christmas. Meanwhile, you can take a look at the new clip below:


via Collider

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