‘Wednesday’: New Video Sees the Cast Share Set Images and Behind the Scenes Stories!! Check It Out!!

Netflix shared a light-hearted video of the cast of Wednesday having fun together even when the cameras stopped recording. It has just been two weeks since Wednesday started streaming and viewers can’t get enough of Tim Burton’s take on the only daughter of the Addams Family. With 341.2 million hours of views in its first week, the show has dethroned Stranger Things to hold the record for most viewership of an English-language series in a week. This has propelled gen-z scream queen Jenna Ortega, who stars as Wednesday Addams, and the series’ cast into the spotlight.

In a new video, the cast cheerfully discussed a couple of behind-the-scenes photos on set. The first to share her BTS with a chuckle was Joy Sunday who plays Bianca Barclay. Sunday showed a bloodied Emma Myers (Enid Sinclair) with herself in the foreground. She said she tried to capture the look before the makeup effects would be ruined from filming what is likely the final episode of the season. While Bianca is initially a villain in Wednesday’s story, there is an opportunity for growth in their relationship.

Next to share her BTS photo is Myers, this time showing herself and Ortega wearing ski masks for a short film that Percy Hynes White (Xavier Thorpe) made in lieu of a wrap party. They played robbers and shot the video in front of an abandoned building in Romania where the security guard chased them away. In the Netflix show, Myers plays the roommate and best friend of Wednesday. She is sunny and colorful, the total opposite of the main character. She is also a werewolf who hails from San Francisco.

The video then shows White talking about some of the cast deciding to stay up until sunrise and jump into the ice-cold pool of their hotel in Romania. The selfie included Hunter Doohan, who plays Tyler Galpin, the son of Sheriff Donovan Galpin, Johanna Dias-Watson, who plays Divina from a competing clique in the show, Georgie Farmer, who plays Ajax Petropolis, the boyfriend of Enid Sinclair, Oliver Watson, who plays siren student Kent, Sunday, Ortega and himself. The last one to share his BTS is Doohan, who was chained to a chair with Ortega taking directions for a scene.

Along with the young cast, Wednesday features Hollywood heavyweights Catherine Zeta-Jones (Morticia Addams), Christina Ricci (Miss Thornhill), Gwendoline Christie (Principal Larissa Weems), Luis Guzmán (Gomez Addams), and Fred Armisen (Uncle Fester).

All eight episodes of Wednesday are currently streaming on Netflix. Check out the new video featuring the behind-the-scenes images down below.


via Collider

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