‘Wednesday’: New Featurette Goes Behind the Creation of Thing!! Check It Out!!

Even though Netflix’s Addams Family adaptation Wednesday has been out for a couple of weeks now, the internet still can’t get enough of this murderously fun series. Wednesday is currently in the middle of breaking every Netflix record imaginable and, since the series debuted this past Thanksgiving, the streamer hasn’t been shy about what went into making this version of Wednesday Addams a modern classic. In the latest behind-the-scenes video posted to Wednesday’s Instagram page, breakout star Jenna Ortega and magician-turned-Thing actor Victor Dorobantu broke down what it was like working with this iconic character.

At first glance, it would be safe to assume that Thing was fully a CGI creation. Understandably so given the current filmmaking landscape, but fans were shocked and pleasantly surprised when Netflix revealed recently that Thing was actually played by an actor. In this latest behind-the-scenes look Ortega said working with Dorobantu was like working with any other actor when it came to reacting and speaking to them throughout each scene. Dorobantu was on set at all times for Ortega to grow their character’s bond which turned out to be one of the major aspects to this adaptation’s success.

Wednesday’s VFX Supervisor Tom Turnbull also talked about his first phone call with director Tim Burton. The famous director known for his classic macabre sensibilities wanted Thing to be an actor or performer. This required someone with “nimble fingers” and youthful enough to fit into the show’s high school antics. However, the biggest takeaway from this video was the reveal that Dorobantu has never been an actor before. He’s a magician by trade, but you would never be able to tell given the flawless work he does throughout the series. He goes into how key it was to nail Things’ walk and movement down, the latter of which he famously uses to communicate/emote. The video shows cool new side-by-side comparison shots of Dorobantu in his blue screen suit before the VFX work and the final product. Dorobantu worked closely with the VFX team to make everything look as authentic as possible. He called the final product “awesome” which you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone that disagrees with him.

The relationship between Wednesday and Thing was the biggest heartfelt surprise in this series’ first season. It was a way to expand on the disembodied hand as a character while also giving Wednesday a chance to show her more vulnerable side. Every time the pair of lovable gloomy souls shared the screen together it was beautiful black magic. You need to do a lot for an audience to get emotional over a hand, but the scene towards the end of Season 1 where Thing gets attacked and nearly killed had Wednesday’s fan base in tears. That’s a testament to both Ortega and Dorobantu’s hard work along with the rest of this series’ endlessly talented creative team, but it’s also a great reminder that nothing beats practical effects work. If Thing was just simply a CGI creation then they probably wouldn’t have stolen our hearts quite in the same way.

Wednesday and Thing, to Wednesday’s dismay, are now bona fide internet sensations. While fans anxiously wait for a Season 2 renewal, you can watch the full Thing-centric BTS featurette down below. Wednesday Season 1 is streaming on Netflix now.


via Collider

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