‘The Flash’: Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot Cameos Reportedly Cut From Upcoming DC Film!!

The DCU‘s reboot plans continue as Henry Cavill‘s and Gal Gadot‘s cameos from the upcoming The Flash have reportedly been cut. The Flash will star Ezra Miller once more in the role of The Fastest Man Alive, with their Barry Allen traversing DC‘s multiverse and meeting different versions of heroes, such as Sasha Calle‘s Supergirl and the returning Michael Keaton as Batman.

According to THR, both Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot have been removed from The Flash. Cavill‘s Superman exit has been the focal point of social media discussion since James Gunn announced his Superman reboot, which will star a younger actor in the role. Cavill‘s cameo being cut from The Flash was rumored prior to Gunn‘s announcement, given its absence from a recent test screening for the movie. Gadot‘s case is a little different as it was also revealed that DC Studios has chosen not to go forward with director Patty Jenkins’ vision for Wonder Woman 3. Jenkins‘ exit is the reason for Gadot being cut from The Flash, but there’s no word yet if the actress will be leaving the DCU altogether. Check out THR‘s full quote below:

Cavill also shot a cameo in The Flash, one of four DC movies set to release in 2023, but sources say that cameo, along with that of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, is now being cut given that the studio chose to not go forward with director Patty Jenkins’ version of Wonder Woman 3.

After Cavill‘s firing and his cameo being cut from The Flash alongside Gadot, the DCU future of their characters is in flux. Gunn‘s aiming for a DCU reboot that will allow the franchise to bloom and reach the full potential the comics present. Due to that, there’s a very decent chance that the entire cast of the DCEU‘s Justice League will be leaving the universe for good. Cavill is only the most recent departure, but Ray Fisher‘s series of public confrontations with DC parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery, sealed his fate as Cyborg a long time ago.

Ben Affleck also appeared to have left the role of Batman behind after pulling out from the solo movie he was set to write, direct and star in. Surprisingly, Affleck decided to return as Batman, signing back on for The Flash and Aquaman 2, but given Wonder Woman and Superman being cut from The Flash, there’s a real possibility that Affleck‘s Batman doesn’t end up back onscreen. New DC head Gunn has talked about meeting with Affleck to find him a project to direct, so at least there’s a chance Affleck will still be involved in some form with the new DCU, maybe even directing a new Batman movie.

That leaves Miller, Jason Momoa and Gadot standing, with the latter being most at risk following the collapse of Wonder Woman 3 and her cameo being cut from The Flash. Miller‘s most likely not returning after the release of The Flash. The actor’s been involved in a series of controversies over the last couple of years that already let to calls for The Flash to be recast before Gunn and Peter Safran became DC Studios‘ CEOs, which doesn’t bode well for Miller. Finally, rumors have recently circulated about Gunn wanting to keep Momoa in the new DCU, albeit with a different role that’s possibly the anti-hero Lobo. In the end, every new report suggests a full reboot of the Justice League is what’s in store for the new DCU, with The Flash serving as the swan song for the original DCEU.


via Screen Rant

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