‘Hunters’ Season 2: New Video Reveals Lonny Flash’s New Movie Trailer!! Check It Out!!

Back in February 2020, Prime Video released the acclaimed first season of its Nazi-hunting drama series Hunters starring Al Pacino and Logan Lerman. Now, the long-awaited second and final season is on the horizon. To celebrate the upcoming season, a quick video has been released focusing on Josh Radnor’s Lonny Flash.

Hunters takes place in the 1970s and follows a group of Nazi hunters working to hunt down Nazis hiding in America. In the series, Radnor plays Lonny Flash, a washed-up movie star. Wanting to honor his Jewish roots and find a new purpose after hitting rock bottom, Lonny took up the life of Nazi-hunting and became the team’s resident master of disguise.

The video is an in-universe grindhouse trailer for a revenge action film starring Lonny Flash. The trailer, which is complete with the trailer narration popular at the time, shows an action movie with Lonny Flash out for revenge, hunting down those who murdered his mother in “Eight Ways to Shabbat.” The trailer is very tongue-in-cheek and violent, which works perfectly to reintroduce the audience to Hunters and Lonny Flash. In the first season, Lonny very much was the comedic relief of the series between all the violence you expect to see in a Nazi-hunting series. The video was posted on Radnor’s Twitter with the caption, “Lonny Flash hunts Nazis. He is also – in his spare time – a movie star. His new film (trailer below) is getting serious Oscar buzz. Very proud of him.”

The second season will pick up after a time jump from the first. Audiences will find the team of Nazi hunters disbanded and working separately after a mission gone wrong between seasons. However, they are brought back together when they learn that Adolf Hitler is still alive. Additionally, seen through flashbacks, Pacino’s Meyer Offerman works a mission on his own which has wide-spread consequences for our Nazi hunters in the present.

The upcoming season will see Radnor, Pacino, Lerman, Jerrika Hinton, Lena Olin, Tiffany Boone, Carol Kane, Louis Ozawa, Kate Mulvany, and Greg Austin all return to the series to reprise their roles from the first season. Season 2 will also add Jennifer Jason Leigh to the series. Hunters is created and executive produced by David Weil, who also serves as showrunner. Other executive producers on Hunters include Jordan Peele and Win Rosenfeld for Monkeypaw Productions, David Ellender and Matt Loze for Halcyon Studios, Phil Abraham, David J. Rosen, Jerry Kupfer, and Alfonso Gomez-Rejon.

All episodes of the second and final season of Hunters will be available to stream on January 13, only on Prime Video. Check out the video and Radnor’s tweet below:

via Collider

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