‘M3GAN’: New Featurette Glimpses into the Upcoming A.I. Horror!! Check It Out!!

It’s nice to have a friend unless that friend is M3GAN, the killer doll equipped with artificial intelligence that likes to mutilate and loves to get down. The upcoming killer doll movie, a promisingly ridiculous new addition to the genre, is set to be released to theaters on January 6, 2023. And in anticipation of the new film, Universal has released a new first look featurette that gives us a glimpse into the new film.

M3GAN tells the story of a life-like doll who is programmed to be a child’s best friend as well as a trusty assistant to worried parents. The doll was designed by the brilliant roboticist Gemma, played by Get Out’s Allison Williams, who gifts M3GAN to her niece, and new ward, Cady, who recently lost both of her parents. M3GAN is designed to listen, watch, and learn from her environment and from her new friend in order to become the ideal playmate, teacher, and protector for the child she is bonded to. However, when Gemma bonds her prototype M3GAN to her niece in the hopes of helping her grieving process, she will learn the horrifying scope of M3GAN’s actual abilities.

The new featurette, released today, gives us a look at the killer AI, and how horrifyingly close we are to turning the dancing doll into a cutting new reality. The featurette shows us a bit more about the now viral killer doll, diving into both her killer instincts and her ‘playful’ nature. James Wan, who serves as producer on the new film, introduced himself in the feature as a “….sort of master of killer doll movies.”

This accusation is not short of the mark, either, as Wan‘s Blumhouse Productions has done a fair share of work in continuing the creepy horror subgenre, with such films as The Boy and Annabelle. And this high-tech new addition looks to be just as creepy as his previous contributions to the genre. The new first look shows us just how intense M3GAN can be, from dancing with a paper cutter to running on all fours through the forest, you’ll think twice before buying an Alexa or activating Siri. You might even want to toss your old Furby.

Producing the project alongside Wan is his longtime collaborator Jason Blum. The new film is directed by Gerard Johnstone and comes from a screenplay by Akela Cooper. The story comes from Cooper and Wan. Along with Williams, the film also stars Violet McGraw, Ronny Chieng, Brian Jordan Alvarez, Jen Van Epps, Lori Dungey, and Stephane Garneau-Monten. M3GAN will be released to theaters on January 6, 2023. Until then, however, you watch the new first-look featurette for the film below.

via Collider


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