‘The Irrational’: Jesse L. Martin led New Drama Gets Series Order at NBC!!

The Jesse L. Martin-led drama The Irrational has landed a series order at NBC. The news comes after a pilot was ordered back in February 2022. The new series order serves to bolster the network’s drama series offerings. At the moment, no premiere date has been set for the series.

Martin, who previously starred in The Flash and Law & Order, will play Alec Baker, a widely renowned professor, and behavioral scientist who helps to solve high-stakes cases. Some of his cases will involve governments, law enforcement, as well as major corporations. The series will highlight his unique and unexpected approach to understanding human behavior. Martin was cast in the series in April 2022, shortly after the pilot was announced. The series is written by Arika Lisanne Mittman, who previously worked on South of Nowhere, Dexter, and Timeless.

The Irrational is based on Dan Ariely‘s book Predictably Irrational, which discusses the forces that shape our perceptions, sense of reality, and decision-making processes. Ariely is an Israeli-American professor who focuses on behavioral economics. He has written several books and has created several podcasts on the subject. His work often blends economic concepts with humor in order to help communicate complex ideas into palatable information. In addition to inspiring the new series, Ariely also serves as a consultant on the upcoming show.

The Irrational is the third drama NBC has ordered from its 2022 development cycle. The series joins the reboot of Quantum Leap, which has already been renewed for a second season, and Found, which is set to make its premiere in February 2023.

The series is produced by Universal Television. Mittman, who writes the series, also serves as executive producer on the upcoming project along with Mark Goffman, Samuel Baum, and David Frankel. Frankel, in addition to executive producing, will also direct the series. Along with Martin, the series is also set to star Maahra Hill, who previously worked on OWN‘s Delilah, Travina Springer of Ms. Marvel, Molly Kunz who appeared in Widows, and Arash DeMaxi from The Equalizer series.

While no premiere date has been set for the upcoming series, it will certainly be a welcome addition to a lineup that includes popular shows such as The Blacklist, which was renewed for a 10th season in February, the entire Chicago franchise, and the aforementioned recently rebooted fan-favorite Quantum Leap. 


via Collider

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