‘Moose Jaws’: Kevin Smith Is Finally Working on the Long in the Works Horror Comedy!!

Lionsgate and director Kevin Smith are teaming up once again in an upcoming project. According to a recent report from Fangoria, the director officially announced in a Q&A at GalaxyCon that he is finally bringing to life Moose Jaws, a horror-comedy that has been in the works since 2014.

Smith previously hinted at Moose Jaws in the past, teasing that the movie follows the same premise as the 1975 classic Jaws but instead focuses on a moose causing terror and mayhem. While he didn’t offer any additional information on details from the production of the film, he did reveal that its financing comes after the successful release of Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, which according to Smith, sold enough Blu-rays and DVDs to contribute to the development of future projects from Lionsgate.

About pitching the film, Smith told Fangoria:

“They were like, ‘Well, like what?’ And I said, ‘I’ve got this movie Clerks III that they’re in,’ they’re like, ‘Okay, what else?’ ‘I got this movie called Moose Jaws,’ and they were like, ‘What’s Moose Jaws?’ And I was like, ‘Moose Jaws is like Jaws but with a Moose instead of a shark.’ And they said, ‘What’s the budget on that?’ I was like, ‘About three million bucks,’ they’re like, ‘We’ll make four of them.’ So it looks like Moose Jaws is finally gonna happen.”

With an interesting premise that could offer an exciting twist on the classic Jaws story, Moose Jaws could be a fun and memorable entry into Smith‘s film catalog. Smith is widely recognized for his small-budget comedies such as Clerks and Mallrats, which have achieved cult-classic status over the years. Recently, he returned to the Clerks franchise with the release of Clerks III earlier this year. However, he also has a history with the creature-feature genre with Tusk in 2014, the first of Smith‘s planned True North trilogy, a trio of horror-comedy films set in Canada. The trilogy continued in 2016 with the release of Yoga Hosers, which was panned by critics and bombed at the box office, putting a halt to Moose Jaws, which would have capped off the set of films. Now with Moose Jaws finally back in development, fans can witness Smith‘s directorial flare that could bring plenty of comedic scares for audiences when it eventually releases in the future.

With the film still in its early stages of development, no official release date for Moose Jaws has been set yet.


via Collider

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