‘The Walking Dead’: New BTS Images Sees Danai Gurira Reunite with Andrew Lincoln!! Check It Out!!

The Walking Dead finally concluded its over-a-decade-long run on AMC earlier this year with its eleventh season. While the series itself is completed, that doesn’t mean the universe of The Walking Dead is dead and buried with many spinoff series set to join Fear the Walking Dead and Tales of The Walking Dead, including The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon which will see Norman Reedus return to reprise his role as the titular character, and The Walking Dead: Dead City following Lauren Cohan‘s Maggie and Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s Negan.

Among these spinoffs is a currently untitled limited series that will see Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira return as Rick Grimes and Michonne, respectively. While the show is still in pre-production, we have gotten a new behind-the-scenes image from Gurira that sees the actress reunited with Lincoln along with The Walking Dead‘s Chief of Content Officer Scott Gimple, who will serve as the spinoff’s showrunner.

The new images were shared by Gurira on her official Instagram, showing the two stars and showrunner smiling together in front of a hotel pool. The caption along with the image reads, “#Richonne spin-off. 2023. Pre-production is in full swing. We’re getting there!” While we still don’t know the name of the show or the exact details of the story, it was announced at SDCC that the series will “wrap up story arcs,” pertaining to the post-apocalyptic couple.

What We Know About The Rick and Michonne Spinoff

As her caption on the post reads, the show is still in pre-production and is set to begin filming sometime in January. The series was first confirmed by Lincoln, Gurira, and Gimple at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 in July and the limited series would be 6 episodes long. At one point a feature-length film with Universal Pictures was in talks, but Lincoln confirmed during the same Comic-Con panel that the all-new series would replace the film. It was confirmed back in October that Gurira is also credited as a series creator and is a writer on the spinoff, with her describing the limited-series as an epic love story.

“It’s definitely an epic love story. It’s very much rooted in the world we know of, and then and then another world that we don’t know yet,” Gurira told Deadline in an interview in late December 2022. “I think it’s going to be it has all the makings of the things that have always made the Walking Dead really great viewing so, you know, in terms of these characters, and this very particular world and the action that this world insists upon, in order to survive it. And simultaneously, it’s, you know, deeply intimate and really hones in on an intimate story. So yeah, I think it’ll be very satisfying. I hope so.”

Stay tuned to Collider for future updates on the upcoming spinoff series. You can check out Gurira‘s Instagram post down below:


via Collider


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