‘Titanic’ Returning to Theatres to Celebrate 25th Anniversary!!

James Cameron’s Titanic is making a comeback onto the big screen in a remastered version to celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary. According to Paramount Pictures, the classic disaster film will be playing on screen for a limited time on Friday, February 10, ahead of Valentine’s Day this year.

Paramount acquired the domestic rights to the film last year after Disney set an international re-release for the box office hit film to be seen by fans in 3D 4K HDR and high-frame. Disney set the re-release also for February 10 this year in honor of the multiple Oscar-winning disaster movie’s 25th anniversary, which was celebrated in 2022.

This is not the first time fans will receive the chance to experience Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose’s (Kate Winslet) love story. In 2012, the romance and disaster film was re-released for the second time in theaters. The 2012 re-release went on to earn a record-breaking $67 million in its opening week and in 2017, Titanic hit the big screens once more for the celebration of its 20th anniversary. Continuing with the tradition of celebrating the film’s anniversary by showing it in theaters, its remastered release in 3D 4K was announced at Disney’s CineEurope presentation in Barcelona in 2022.

Titanic has had a good run over the years ever since its first release in 1997, even making actors DiCaprio and Winslet into mega-stars and household names. The romance and disaster movie about star-crossed lovers who met on a ship that ended up sinking dominated the Oscars with 11 wins, including Best Director, Best Original Song, Best Picture, Best Editing, Best Art-Direction-Set, Best Costume Design, and Best Cinematography. And, even after 25 years, the movie continues to receive praises, staying evergreen and maintaining a spot as one of the top highest grossing movies of all time with $2.2 billion to its name and the number 3 spot on the highest grossing box office movies’ list. Upon its initial release, the film became the number one all-time global box office champion.

Titanic was written, directed, and produced by Cameron. Other co-producers include Jon Landau and Rae Sanchini who is the Executive producer. Titanic stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates, Frances Fisher, Bernard Hill, Jonathan Hyde, Danny Nucci, Gloria Stuart, David Warner, Victor Garber, and Bill Paxton.

Get ready to set sail with the cast of Titanic on Friday, February 10. Watch the trailer below:

via Collider

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