‘Underdogs’: Ryan Reynolds to Narrate Docuseries About Ugly and Disgusting Animals!!

When it comes to documentaries, Ryan Reynolds has been throwing some curveballs at his fan base with incredibly creative projects. Back in 2022, the world-famous actor partnered up with Rob McElhenney in Welcome to Wrexham, a story about two guys who band together in order to save a soccer team. Now, Reynolds took to Instagram to announce that he’ll take part in Underdogs, a National Geographic documentary series that will focus on telling the stories of animals that most people overlook.

Reynolds will narrate all ten episodes of the series, and he gave us a taste of what it’ll sound like by sharing a video of a hippo… er…. exercising its hygiene in a lake. Reynolds‘ voice prompts you to think about some pretty weird imagery, then his wife Blake Lively (Gossip Girl) cuts in and gets shooed away. By the end of the teaser, Reynolds complains about the 2025 release date, saying that the Empire State Building was constructed in a year, so why should a docuseries take that long? He also celebrated the project in an official statement:

“I love nature series and I love making things my kids can actually watch. We’re already having a lot of fun trying to bring a new voice to animal docs. Wildstar has the expertise, experience and cutting-edge film tech to help us chew up that healthy National Geographic budget. We’ll deliver a show that is entertaining, surprising and will do justice to animals usually stuck as supporting cast.”

The Good, The Bad and Especially The Ugly Ducklings

The docuseries hails from Reynolds’ production company Maximum Effort and Wildstar Films, and it will focus on animals that have surprising – and sometimes disgusting – habits. Series executive producer Dan Rees also celebrated the series, and promised laugh-out-loud content paired with Reynolds’ distinctive humorous narration:

“’Underdogs’ explores the animal world with a fresh, fun and highly entertaining perspective. Partnering so closely with Ryan and Maximum Effort has allowed us to bake in their inimitable humor every step of the way – from conception to delivery of this unique series. As a result, ‘Underdogs’ will make you snort with laughter and possibly even spill your coffee on your lap, but ultimately it puts a new spotlight on some of the weirder and less explored denizens of our planet, and all underpinned by sound science and research.”

National Geographic premieres Underdogs in… 2025. Yeah. So we’ll check back in a couple of years.

You can check out Ryan Reynolds’ immensely graphic post below:

Check out the official synopsis here:

From their hidden talents to their bold hygiene choices, unsavory courtship rituals, devious camouflage techniques and “tough love” parenting skills, UNDERDOGS will celebrate and champion the unique and unpredictable behaviors of a little known and surprising cast of animal characters. These overlooked superstars come in all sizes, shapes and smells. They’re the outcasts and the troublemakers, brash, unsophisticated, flatulent, incontinent and often unhinged. But they’re also warriors, team players and evil geniuses. They’re out there 24-7 giving it maximum effort, keeping the natural world in working order for all those showboating polar bears, sharks and gorillas.


via Collider

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