‘Avatar 3’: James Cameron Reveals Lo’ak Will Replace Jake as Narrator!!

As Avatar: The Way of Water continues to make waves across the worldwide box office, James Cameron has provided more insight into what’s in store for the third installment. Via an interview on the Soundtracking with Edith Bowman podcast, the director has revealed that Lo’ak (Britain Dalton), one of several prominent new characters in the second installment, will take over the mantle as the next narrator of the franchise.

“I’m going to take a moment when the dust clears to kind of assess what people loved and what they responded to the most in this current release, and I may go back and tinker a little bit, and we may go back and do a couple of moments here and there. It won’t be radical, but maybe fine-tune it a bit to emphasize that which people are responding to. For example, Lo’ak really emerged as a character that people went with, so I might find ways to sort of – now he’s already the narrator – oh, I’m giving away something here,” Cameron said. “But this is okay, I think it could be intriguing for people to think about what’s coming.”

The first Avatar centered on Jake Sully’s (Sam Worthington) journey to Pandora, with the character providing exposition to the audience via video logs. The second film continued the tradition established in the first, with Jake narrating again and bookending the two epic science fiction films. Cameron also revealed that Lo’ak’s replacement of Jake signifies a shift in focus on the franchise with the emerging prominence of Sully’s children. “Jake was our voiceover narrator for movie one and for movie two, and we have a different narrator for each of the subsequent films. We see it through the eyes of a different character,” Cameron added.

Despite 13 years of development, the wait for the second Avatar flick has finally paid off. So far, the film has collected a global haul of $1.9 billion. With the film becoming a worldwide box office success, Avatar has now cemented itself as a sustainable franchise, with a third film already on the way. Specific details on the plot of the next movie remain under wraps. However, The Way of Water has teased several plot threads that can be further developed in the future, such as the mysterious birth of Kiri (Sigourney Weaver) and Spider’s (Jack Champion) relationship with Recom Quaritch (Stephen Lang). Alongside the reveal that Lo’ak will replace Jake as the third film’s narrator, Cameron also previously confirmed that a new Na’vi tribe called the Ash People would be introduced in the upcoming sequel. With so much in store, fans have plenty of time to speculate before Avatar 3 debuts exclusively in theaters on December 20, 2024.

Avatar: The Way of Water is now playing in theaters. Check out Cameron‘s comments on the upcoming sequel to the hit film below.


via Collider

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