‘You’ Season 4: New Clip Focuses on Aidan Cheng’s Simon!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has created an insatiable appetite for its serial killer saga You, and with a fourth installment well on the way, it looks like this season is about to be as dubious as ever. In fact, it looks like Penn Badgley‘s on-screen counterpart Joe Goldberg is set to be pushed to his absolute limit – in every way possible. After three seasons of watching Joe nonchalantly float from city to city after putting a string of former lovers in body bags, it only feels right that we witness an ultimate Uno Reverse card pulled on him. Avid watchers will recall how season three wrapped with Joe taking to Europe in pursuit of his latest flame Marienne (Tati Gabrielle). Season four is set to pick up with Joe having followed Marienne all the way to London under his new identity as university teacher Professor Moore… at the same school Marienne attends. The downside to being in such a public profession for Joe is that he is now very much under the spotlight and it seems that is part of the reason Joe has found himself on the list of London’s new serial killer. As Joe attempts to decipher friend from foe, each of his eleven students has been put under scrutiny, the most recent being Simon (Aidan Cheng).

The new teaser clip shows off a very artsy Simon, who is in the midst of finishing a painting of a dog with blue eyes. As Joe unpicks his various qualities in an intense voiceover, Simon is seen looking a little too relaxed, almost as if he is holding more than a single card close to his chest. “Simon, Simon, Simon…what are we gonna do with you?” Joe is heard narrating. “Not a fan of small talk, averse to strangers, we may actually get along fine…if we ever give one another a chance.”

Interestingly, Simon is the first member of Joe’s class that audiences have been introduced to so far that gives off the impression he knows more about other people’s secrets than they know of his. He oozes a sense of quiet-but-always-listening, which makes him incredibly dangerous. After all, if one of Joe’s students is indeed London’s “Eat The Rich Killer” then it would have to be someone with their finger on the pulse that can easily slip into the background when chaos ensues. Perhaps, Simon is that person. Simon is the latest in a line of students from Joe’s class to be thrown under the microscope with others including heiress and selfie queen Lady Phoebe (Tilly Keeper), Professor Moore’s favorite Nadia (Amy-Leigh Hickman) secretive Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) and Joe’s very own twin flame Rhys (Ed Speleers).

You season four is shaping up to be a season unlike any other, with Joe turning from hunter to hunted all whilst he attempts to turn over a new leaf and control his fierce desire to fixate, fantasize and fall in love with a new woman at every turn. With more potential obsessions on the table than ever before there is a string of unanswered questions over who Joe will go for next or whether he will be six foot under before he gets the chance.

Season 4 of You is slated to hit Netflix in two parts. The first half will arrive on February 9, 2023, and the second on March 9, 2023. You can check out the new video clip below.

via Collider

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