‘Ghost’: Channing Tatum Wants to Remake 1990 Classic!!

Channing Tatum is soon going to seduce the audience with his latest Magic Mike’s Last Dance, the threequel in the franchise that shot him into the Hollywood A-lister club. Nonetheless, in a career spanning decades, the actor has also produced some good features like Dog, 22 Jump Street, America: The Motion Picture, and many more. Now the actor-producer has set his eyes on the 1990s critical and commercial hit Ghost. In a new interview with Vanity Fair, Tatum revealed that he’d like to remake the movie but with his own touch.

“Yeah, we have the rights to Ghost,” Tatum said. He further revealed that his production company Free Association is trying to put together a remake of Ghost, with him potentially playing Patrick Swayze’s role. “But we’re going to do something different,” he said. Divulging that the original, like many movies of its day, contained some problematic stereotypes. “I think it needs to change a little bit.”

Director Jerry Zucker’s romantic fantasy feature Ghost follows Swayze as Sam, a banker who is madly in love with Molly Jensen (played by Demi Moore). However, when he is murdered by a friend and corrupt business partner Carl Bruner (played by Tony Goldwyn) over a shady business deal, he is left to roam the earth as a ghost. Upon learning of his friend’s betrayal, Sam seeks the help of psychic Oda Mae Brown (Whoopi Goldberg) to protect his love from Carl.

Written by Bruce Joel Rubin, the feature was a box-office hit and ended up earning five nominations at the 63rd Oscar Awards including Best Picture and Goldberg’s first in the Best Supporting Actress category. The movie grossed $505 million against a budget of $22–23 million and became its era’s third-highest-grossing film of all time. It’ll be interesting to see which changes Tatum will make to the movie to make it more suitable for a contemporary audience.

Tatum will be next seen in Magic Mike’s Last Dance alongside Salma Hayek. The feature brings him into Mike’s shoes again, who after a business deal goes bad leaving him broke is bartending in Florida. He then heads to London with a rich and bored socialite (played by Hayek) he meets, hoping for a last hurrah. Though he soon finds the woman has an agenda of her own and now his career is on the line. With the feature, Tatum is expected to bid goodbye to the franchise with a bang.

Magic Mike’s Last Dance will debut in theaters on February 10.


via Collider

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